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Is Kink the Gateway to Crazy Town?

The world of casual sex, threesomes, and polyamorous living can be such an emotional minefield. One minute you think it’s going great because there are so very many places and ways to have orgasms,..


Adult Nursing Relationship Fantasy

It’s time for me to reveal another personal kink, something that I’ve just shared with a new lover. I have a fascination with adult nursing relationships. “Lactophilia (breast milk fetishism) is a sexual paraphilia..


Kinky Women Who Love Bald Men

Newsflash: some women have a fetish for bald men. This preference is quite common, and for some gals, it’s not just that she finds bald men attractive, but that she is extremely aroused sexually..


4 Kinky Boss-Employee Role Plays

What better way to spice up your love life than with a bit of role playing? It’s fast and cheap and it’s limited only to what you can imagine. Boss-employee role plays are particularly..


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