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When Good Kinks Turn Bad

Those of us who are kinky strive to live and fuck ethically. Sex is catharsis, and if some turn-ons are dark or “perverted,” that’s why we give it sexual space for expression and exploration,..


Kinks to Keep to Yourself on a First Date

Sharing fantasies and kinks on a first date isn’t strictly prohibited, but it does hurt your chances of acting them out with your possible new lover or partner. Do first dates go the down-and-dirty..


Orgy Etiquette for First Timers

One might imagine an orgy as a place where the strictures and confinements of polite society slip away, and people are free to behave as they please. Unfortunately there just aren’t any social situations..


Kink Is Inclusive: Diversity and Multiculturalism

There has been rapid improvements in products like makeup, clothing, and hardware, catering to the needs of diverse people of different genders and backgrounds. But while I was walking through a sex shop the..


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