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Wife Sharing: Why Do Some Men Share Their Wives?

Have you heard about this thing called “wife sharing” that seems to be all the rage these days? If so, you might be wondering what gives. For so long—with the exception of this brief..


How to Find Spanking Play Partners

Tired of watching twerking hip-hop babes shake that thing while going solo at home with your hand? So, you love spanking women. Who in their right mind wouldn’t love the chance to grope, stroke,..


How to Get Kinky through Video Chat

What can you do if you happen to be in a video chat with somebody, and you want to escalate the situation? This is the sort of fun we like to have here in..


Why It’s Hot to Watch Your Lover with Other Men

The fantasy is so commonplace it’s not even a kink—nearly every man, ever, has fantasized about watching a woman he’s hot for getting it from another guy. It’s the main ingredient in porn. While..


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