Foreplay to Get Laid

Ah . . . sweet sweet foreplay. So important, even in kinky relationships that may have a lot of other bells and

Woman Covered in Melted Chocolate

7 Foods for Sex

When we think of food and sex, usually the cucumber is the first thing that comes to mind. But your kitchen is

D.I.Y. Frozen Cock Sex Toy

The hottest days of summer are upon us, dear fellow perverts, and I don’t know about you, but I’m sweating my balls


Am I A Nympho?

Look, I’m not going to pretend I don’t love this job. I’ve enjoyed writing and telling stories since I was a kid,

Wet and Messy Fetish

Shave My Pussy

This experience is a great way to get both partners aroused. I call it foreplay extraordinaire. Guys, I’m sure most of you


The Toy Box: Vibrating Egg

The Toy Box features reviews of toys that myself and other contributors test drive. This is my first foray into online sex

Woman in Orgasmic State

Can Women Orgasm in Their Sleep?

Wet dreams aren’t just for men. Women enjoy sleep orgasms as well. Sleep-related female orgasms are nothing new, at least for me.

Naked Women with Fleshlights

The Toy Box: Fleshlight Review

Can sex toys get any better than this?  Upon opening the box encasing my brand-new Fleshlight and beholding the wonder within, I