The BIG List of Kinks: 120+ Fetishes Explained

Hello kinky people. Welcome to the Kink Lovers mega-list of kink and fetish.

List of Kinks and Fetishes with Definitions

Below we list over 120 fetishes and their definitions. It’s a lot to take in, so things are broken down into categories for different types of fetishes.

For most of these kinks, we’ve also included links to more information here at Kink Lovers Magazine and beyond.

If your fetish is missing from the list of kinks, share it with us in the comments to help to make this resource complete.

Kink Lovers list of kinks and fetishes

The Classification of Kink

There are three primary types of fetishes:

  • Partialism: refers specifically to erotic fetishism for body parts that are not usually considered sexual.
  • Objectophilia: When a person’s fetish involves sexual feelings towards an object, and in some cases romantic feelings as well.
  • Hygrophilia: being turned on by bodily fluids, usually one in particular.

The world of fetish is wide and varied! Many kinks fit into overlapping categories or seem to defy categorization at all. So in addition to the above fetish types, I’ve created other groupings for our big list of kinks, including clothing, role play, sensation, and taboo kinks.

Browse through the full list of fetishes, or use the links below to skip to a specific type of kink.

Partialism Fetishes: Kinks for Body Parts

Got a kink for a specific body part? Sometimes parts are more revered than the whole.

1. Armpit Fetish (maschalagnia)

The scent, the sweat, the hair, and vulnerability are all aspects of the armpit fetish. To some an armpit is on the same level as a vagina – a secret cave of desire so kissable, and yes, even fuckable.

2. Belly Button Fetish (alvinophilia)

Attraction to the human navel is pretty much the basis of the belly button fetish. Tickling, kissing, licking, and drinking shots of whiskey from the belly button are all possibilities.

belly button fetish
Innie or outie?

3. Big Dick Fetish

Some like it big, and some like it really big. And for some, the desire for a big cock becomes a fetish and nothing else will do. For others, their fetish is even more specific, as in the case of big black cock fetish.

The other side of this kink is small penis fetish, also known as SPH.

4. Butt Fetish (pygophilia)

I like big butts and I cannot lie! Jokes aside, those with pygophilia spend a lot of time thinking and fantasizing about another person’s butt. They also spend an inordinate amount of time worshiping their partner’s ass during sex. This kink may or may not involve anal play.

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big butt fetish
Ass worship is real.

5. Deformity Fetish (teratophilia)

I’ve seen this referred to as a “monster fetish” in the dark corners of Reddit. That’s how it may manifest for some, but in general, teratophilia is a fetish for deformity. So this could include anything from mythical beasts to people with heavy body modification or born with deformities.

6. Eyeball Licking Fetish (oculolinctus)

Tongue on eyeball – voila! To be honest, this is a kink I was into myself and that was before I had any idea there was an eyeball-licking fetish that had its own special name. It has to do with the vulnerability of the eye and trusting someone enough to hold it open and touch it with their tongue. Personally, I prefer to be the licker.

7. Fat Fetish

Fat fetishism is an attraction to overweight or obese people. The desire is dependent on the person’s size and for some bigger is always better. Within fat fetishism, there also exists “sub-fetishes” such as feederism, gaining, stuffing, and padding. Someone with a strong preference for larger women might call it a BBW fetish.

fat fetish
Bigger is better for some.

8. Foot Fetish (podophilia)

Foot fetishism is probably one of the most popular kinks on our list, and people with this fetish are lucky enough to get a peek at women’s feet almost anywhere they go. Some simply lust after the soles of a woman’s foot or desire to kiss and lick some dainty toes. For others, their foot fetish veers into BDSM territory, where worshipping at the feet of a Mistress or Master is a form of submission.

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9. Freckle and Mole Fetish

A fetish for freckles is based on arousal to people with freckles, or simply the freckles themselves. The interest might be in the patterns made by various moles and freckles, or the beauty of “imperfection”. Remember Marilyn Monroe’s iconic mole? I’m sure it was a source of excitement for more than a few men. Was that beauty mark even real though?

freckle fetish
Connect the dots.

10. Hand Fetish (cheirophilia)

Although hand fetishes are rare, (certainly more so than foot fetishes), a sexual interest in hands is not surprising. Hands are involved in all sorts of sexual activities to begin with, such as handjobs, touching and stroking, fingering, and spanking.

Someone with a kink for hands might focus on the fingers or palm specifically, or be turned on by watching someone’s hands perform a certain task, even non-sexual ones.

Curious to learn more? See Hand Fetish and Arousal: Cheirophilia

11. Hairy Fetish (tricophilia)

Although women spend a lot of time shaving away much of the hair on their bodies, it’s not uncommon for men to have a hairy woman fetish. Also known as hirsute fetish, this kink is all about body hair. The feel, smell, the look. And it doesn’t just apply to women, as plenty of women and men enjoy hairier guys as well. In the gay community, big hairy men are called bears and are considered the epitome of masculinity.

For others, it’s not so much about body hair, but the hair on someone’s head. Read more about the kink for hair: Hair Fetish: What Is Trichophilia All About?

hairy fetish
Hair there and everywhere.

12. Large Labia Fetish

Many fetishes on our list of kinks have a kind of “bigger is better” theme, including this one. The labia are the outer folds of a woman’s vulva and include the labia minora and labia majora. Someone with a large labia fetish might have a preference for labia minora that hang down past the outer labia. Others may enjoy the look and play involved in pussy pumping to make them even bigger.

13. Nails Fetish (onychophilia)

A kink for long nails is not surprising considering how many women cultivate and display long, painted nails. However, a fingernail or toenail fetish could also be for unvarnished nails in their natural state.

A person with a nail fetish may be aroused by the nails themselves or could be more interested in feeling those nails scratching down their back. This would be the distinction between onychophilia and amychophilia.

long nails fetish
Long and luscious fingernails.

14. Nose Fetish (nasophilia)

A nose fetish can be about a strong preference for a certain shape or size of nose or a kink for nostrils and their penetration. In the realm of BDSM, there is a type of Japanese nose torture/humiliation involving a hook. Nose lust might even take the form of a fetish for nose licking, or nasolingus!

15. Pubic Hair Fetish (pubephilia)

We’ve already talked about hairy, or hirsute fetish, but sometimes this type of kink revolves around a particular area. A kinkster with pubephilia is very much turned on by pubic hair and might enjoy anything from a  full bush, to a manicured “landing strip”.  Pubic hair can enhance a person’s sexual scent, and create more mystery around the goodies that await just behind.

pubic hair fetish
How do you like your hair down there?

16. Stomach Fetish (alvinolagnia)

This partialism kink is not surprising, considering that the area of a woman’s hips and waist has long been considered an area of major attraction. Women often play up to the tummy fetish with belly chains, naval piercings, naval tattoos, and cropped “belly shirts”.

17. Tail Fetish

Also known as vestigiality fetish, a kink for tails can take quite a number of forms. Some are attracted to reptilian tails, others may prefer something fuzzier and indulge in the furry fetish.

A temporary tail can be worn using something that clips onto clothing or is tied around the waist, or perhaps even a butt plug with a tail might do the trick. Tail fetish and pet play could be a nice overlapping of kinks.

18. Teeth Fetish (odontophilia)

A fetish for teeth can take varying forms – one may be turned on sexually by the sight of strange teeth, have a desire to lick a partner’s teeth, or get excited about tooth extraction.

For some odontophiles, there can also be some overlap with other kinks found on this page, such as biting and vampire fetishes. And let’s not forget dental fetishism, a subset of the popular medical fetish. For these fetishists, it may be less about the teeth, and more about the vulnerability of being in the dentist’s chair with mouth open wide, subjected to a variety of instruments.

biting fetish
Bite me!

19. Tongue Fetish

Ah, the tongue. Pink and wet, great for kissing, and wonderful for licking. A fetishist might be particular about the size and shape of the tongues they like. The tongue fetish could play out as a kink for sucking a partner’s tongue or watching as it slides over nipples and more. I know where I like my partner’s tongue to be!

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Body Related Fetishes

Below on our fetish list are kinks that have to do with the human body, but aren’t about a specific body part as with the partialism fetishes listed above.

20. Amputee Fetish

Acrotomophilia is a fetish for amputees, a kink that has many facets. The fetishist’s desire may have to do with the perceived helplessness of an amputee, ripe for domination, or even servitude through caring for them. For others, it may be the look and phallic nature of an amputee’s stump itself.

The other side of the amputee fetish? Apotemnophilia, a dangerous fixation on becoming an amputee oneself. Someone with this kink may suffer from body integrity disorder, which creates a dangerous desire to become disabled, usually by the removal of a limb.

Curious to learn more? Read Jamie’s article, Amputee Fetish Facts.

amputee fetish
Not missing a thing.

21. Biting Fetish (odaxelagnia)

This is the kink of men and women who get off on “love-bites”, and can be considered part of S&M (sadomasochism). Sexual stimulation and gratification can come from biting or being bitten. When a biting fetish moves beyond nibbling and there’s a chance of drawing blood, this fetish requires some careful safety considerations.

22. Breeding Fetish

While breeding, (getting pregnant and having babies), is something very common that many do at some point in their lives, for some the idea of getting pregnant or impregnating a woman becomes a fetish. For most people, the threat of getting pregnant can actually be a turn-off, but for these kinky people, that’s all part of the fun.

Some may focus on the act of impregnation and the thrill of sex without birth control, while others rightly choose to responsibly role-play instead. Others may find their kink is more about the pregnancy that results and the mother’s changing body. To learn more read our Breeding Fetish Facts article.

breeding fetish
Making babies for kink’s sake.

23. Chemsex

While I’m sure people have enjoyed sex under the influence for eons, Chemsex, as we know it today, began as a sexual sub-culture within the gay community. It typically involves the use of GHB, crystal meth, and other stimulants which reduce inhibition and increase stamina. Chemsex play parties can last for days and involve multiple partners all partaking in the drugs.

Chemsex as a fetish should not be taken lightly and can do real damage as addiction creeps in and an overdose becomes a threat. Gay or straight, the perils of a drug-related kink are real: Sex and Drugs: When Chemsex is Your Fetish.

24. Disability Fetish (devoteeism)

Devoteeism is a fetishistic sexual attraction to disability. Devotees, or devs, may have an appreciation for a particular disability such as those who require a wheelchair, or someone with an amputated limb, and most report having the kink since they were very young.

A disability fetish is not necessarily all about control or dominance as you might expect, but may simply be an unusual stop on the spectrum of what’s considered sexy. I found this article on medium by a female devotee to be rather eye-opening.

Wheelchair and disability fetish
Wheelchair fetishists are devoted to disability.

25. Enema Fetish (klismaphilia)

A fetish for enema play is exactly what it sounds like. Klismaphiles get off on enemas, but the attraction can vary. It could be the smell and feel of the rubber or other materials used for enemas, or the feeling of a distended body when water is injected into the anus. Some may desire to give an enema, while most prefer to be the recipient and often do it alone.

Read more about the enema kink here: Klismaphilia: All about the Erotic Enema.

26. Feeding Fetish (feederism)

The feeding fetish takes two to tango, as the flip side of this kink is the gaining fetish, (see below).  These fetishists, more often but not exclusively men, enjoy large women and want to help make them even larger. They may feed their partner directly, or it may be more of a situation where they not only encourage, but facilitate the weight gain by providing food and the money needed to keep it coming.

Definitely hints of domination and submission here, through the control of a partner’s food intake and the subsequent helplessness that can occur when she becomes an SSBBW. Learn more with our article Feederism: Feeding and Gaining Fetish Explained.

27. Gaining Fetish

In a feederism (or feedism) relationship, you have two roles: the feeder and the feedee, or gainer. In order for this to work it’s likely the feedee has a gaining fetish, a kink that brings the feedee pleasure in seeing the numbers on the scale climb and the body rolls increase.

Humiliation may be at play, or simply the submissiveness of allowing another to control what you eat and how you look. What’s it like to have a gaining fetish? Read one woman’s experience at Thought Catalog.

Gaining and feeding fetish
More please.

28. Human Furniture Fetish (forniphilia)

If you are sexually aroused at the idea of becoming someone else’s stool/coffee table/shelf or creating human furniture you might be a forniphile! Check out these provocative human furniture photos by Alva Bernadine.

Forniphilia can involve bondage, nudity, sexual submission, forms of BDSM play, or none of those things. I think the main thing about this fetish is clear objectification. Here are some ideas for forniphiles and more information about the human furniture fetish.

human furniture fetish
Now try being my kitchen table.

29. Medical Fetish

Medical fetish is a popular one but can take many forms. In general, this kink involves the situations, instruments, examinations, and environments associated with medical treatment. Some specific medical kinks include enema fetish, cast fetish, temperature-taking fetish, anesthesia fetish, catheterization, medical masks and uniform fetish, and more.

Someone with this fetish may enjoy role-playing doctor/patient scenarios. (Here are some BDSM medical play ideas.)

While it’s true that many a medical role-play or medical fantasy involves invasive exams involving anal or vaginal penetration, it should also be noted that some medical fetishists’ desires do not have a pornographic element at all.

30. Stuttering Fetish (psellismophilia)

While uncommon, there exists a kink for stuttering and stammering women and men. People with this kink report being unable to become sexually aroused by partners without a stutter, and usually can’t pinpoint the reason for their fetish, only that it exists.

In searching through the limited amount of information on psellismophilia, I found Dr. Mark Griffith’s article the most helpful.

stutter fetish
Stuttering.. awkward but oh so cute?

31. Piercing Fetish (stigmatophilia)

Someone with a piercing fetish may be turned on by their own piercings and the act of being pierced, or by others who are pierced. One with a fetish for piercings may enjoy BDSM play that involves the use of needles. Piercings are so common nowadays that you can imagine a wide variety of ways this kink might manifest.

Stigmatophilia actually refers specifically to body modifications made by a needle or scarring, and thus includes tattooing as well. Holly breaks it down in her article Tattoo and Piercing Fetish.

33. Pregnancy Fetish (maiesiophilia)

Why are pregnant women sexy?  A rounded belly, enlarged breasts, and fecundity are all attractions, but pregnancy fetish goes beyond basic appearances. A kink for mothers-to-be might revolve around impregnation, lactation, and nursing, or giving birth specifically.

Do you have a pregnancy fetish? For tips and ideas read How to Indulge Your Pregnancy Kink.

pregnancy fetish
Enjoy it while it lasts.

34. Smoking Fetish (capnolagnia)

Ahh, the smoking fetish. The way a person opens their mouth to insert their cigarette, the billowing smoke blown through pursed lips.. it’s easy to understand how a fetish for smoking exists. These fetishists are sexually aroused by watching or imagining others smoke, or in some cases smoking themselves.

The smoking kink can be quite specific, perhaps a cigar smoking fetish or a yearning to get it on with a pipe smoker.

Here at Kink Lovers, a reader shares their Smoking Fetish: A Capnolagnia Confession.

35. Tattoo Fetish (stigmatophilia)

A fetish for tattoos falls under stigmatophilia, along with piercings and other body modifications. For those whose tattoo fetish revolves around being tattooed themselves, there is likely an element of masochism at work as it’s quite painful. More commonly, the kink is for tattooed skin or a tattooed partner and sexual arousal may depend on it.

Lucky for tattoo fetishists, there are a lot of people walking around with tattoos these days.

tattoo fetish
Painted lady seeks tattoo lover.

Bodily Fluid Fetishes

36. Blood Fetish (hematolagnia)

A person with hematolagnia is sexually aroused by blood and enjoys bloodplay during sex. For some this kink is visual, and for others, it might be the feel, smell, and even taste of blood that does it for them. Regardless, a blood fetish is a risky one due to things like cutting and bleeding, and the possible comingling of body fluids.

Learn more about this bloody kink in our article Blood Fetish and Blood Play

There can be a lot of crossover for blood lovers. Types of BDSM edge play that might be on the menu for a blood fetishist include knife play, cutting, and bloodletting. And there’s also the blood of menstruation to consider, as in the case of menophilia. (see below)

blood fetish
Saving up for a rainy day.

37. Cum Fetish

A common kink on our list of fetishes, although there’s been little actual study of cum as a true fetish. Perhaps because ejaculation and cum are already a part of most people’s sex lives? But for some, the cum is everything.

Cum fetish usually revolves around a man’s semen and what he does with it. Cum fetishists might be turned on by watching bukkake porn. He may feel a need to cum on his partner’s body, enjoy tasting his own cum, or watch it ooze from his lover’s mouth. Some even hoard their spunk, storing it away, (ideally in the freezer).

Of course, there are women with a cum fetish as well, who cannot get enough of the stuff. Ready for some fun? Here are 7 Ways to Enjoy Your Cum Fetish.

38. Crying Fetish (dacryphilia)

For those with the crying kink, tears aren’t sad.. they’re sexy! Seeing tears or hearing someone crying can be arousing for some, regardless of the reason.

With the pain and humiliation that sometimes come with BDSM, a Dom with dacryphilia should have no problem eliciting tears from his submissive. For others, a sexual scenario isn’t even necessary, and they may be turned on just seeing their partner cry when getting emotional or simply watching a sad movie. Healthline breaks it down well in this article.

39. Fart Fetish (eproctophilia)

Think of all the farts you desperately tried to keep in when you were making out or having sex, especially with someone new. Now imagine having a partner who would love nothing more than for you to let one rip. Right when their face is nice and close during fellatio or cunnilingus.

Yes, something considered gross or funny to most people, can be the ultimate turn-on for others. In fact, smelling other people’s farts made it into our little collection of Freaky Fetishes and Crazy Kinks.

Read: Fart Fetish: The Smelly Kink of Eproctophilia

Fart Fetish
Don’t be shy.. let ‘er rip!

40. Mucus Fetish (mucophilia)

Now, back to bodily secretions. Mucophilia is the fetish for mucus lovers. The “snot fetish” lover can derive pleasure from seeing someone sneeze, picking their nose, spitting out mucus, hacking up phlegm, or doing any of those things oneself. Allergy season and the common cold are much anticipated.

Read: Mucus Fetish and the Sexy Side of Snot

41. Lactation Fetish (lactophilia)

Lactophilia manifests as sexual arousal from seeing a woman’s lactating breasts, a desire to breastfeed, and/or the simple desire to have sex with a lactating or pregnant woman. Milk fetishism can become the centerpiece of an Adult Breastfeeding Relationship, (or Adult Baby Relationship), as erotic lactation is a perfect match for infantilism. Curious? See 4 Types of Lactation Fetish.

The lactation kink is generally a fetish for men, but there are women with lactation kinks too.

Lactation Fetish
Mother’s milk, giver of life.

42. Menstruation Fetish (menophilia)

There are guys who refuse to have sex with a woman on her period. There are guys who are completely cool with it. And then there are the menstruation fetishists who wish their lady had their “flow” year-round. The menstrual blood is completely arousing, and going down on a bleeding partner is a fantasy come true.

Beyond the blood and the delicious messiness of it all, there is also just something about a woman on her period, isn’t there? Read Menstruation Fetish: The Allure of Period Sex

43. Scat Fetish (coprophilia)

Coprophilia, also known as scatophilia, involves sexual arousal from feces and defecation. We cover this dirty kink here: Scat Play: The Messy Business of Coprophilia.

An extension of the scat fetish is coprophagia, which is a fetish for eating poop.

44. Spitting Fetish

A spit, or saliva fetish, isn’t hard to understand. We all swap spit to some degree while kissing, and spit is essential to a good blowjob. A woman dripping saliva from her mouth is kinky because one might imagine her with a mouthful of cum.

I’ve actually had some experience with spit fetishists, and the most common request was to spit onto my own breasts. For some saliva is so arousing that games of spitting into each other’s mouths, and even “drinking” spit, are on the table as well.

Spit Fetish
Spit, sweat, and tears.

45. Sneeze Fetish (ptaerophilia)

A fetish for sneezing is so pedestrian these days that you can find endless YouTube videos of people making themselves sneeze for your pleasure, and their own. The anticipation, the sound, the force, the body convulsion that accompanies a sneeze – all turn-ons for someone with a sneezing kink.

46. Urine Fetish (urolagnia)

Sometimes called a pee fetish, or a kink for golden showers, urolagnia is all about pee and the many ways to play with it. Sometimes the thought of urine is enough to arouse, or there may be a strong desire to be pissed on, to pee on others, to drink pee as a human urinal in BDSM play, or simply to watch someone pee.

The urine fetish could also crossover with other kinks such as infantilism and diaper wearing, or be more about omorashi (holding the pee in to the point of wetting oneself.)

Urine Fetish and Golden Showers
Golden showers in the forecast.

47. Vomit Fetish (emetophilia)

This one is pretty out there and far beyond most people’s tastes. Emetophilia is a paraphilia involving vomiting, where someone is sexually aroused by vomiting or seeing their partner vomit. In some cases, the puking is brought about through deep-throat oral sex or using one’s fingers to trigger the gag reflex.

Have you heard of roman showers? This refers to vomiting on your partner or having them vomit on you. Definitely shades of domination, submission, and humiliation in this type of play.

48. Wetting Fetish (omorashi)

Omorashi is all about wetting yourself, or more specifically the desperate need to urinate. I’m not talking about “wetting your panties” with cum here. People with the wetting fetish are turned on by something that most of us left behind us in childhood – peeing their pants, or desperately struggling not to.

For some, just a strong need to pee is enough to get excited about, and for others dealing with a full bladder and wetting is something they prefer to watch someone else do.

Wetting Fetish
Got a change of clothes?

Clothing, Costume, and Fabric Fetishes

49. Diaper Fetish

Diaper lovers and fetishists love the feel of wearing diapers, and some have been known to secretly wear them 24/7. Diaper play is something a diaper lover may do alone, or with a partner who will mother them as in the adult baby fetish. Some enjoy wetting or soiling their diapers, while for others simply wearing the diaper is enough.

Diaper wearing can be comforting for some, while for others it might be part of BDSM play that involves the humiliation of being “forced” to wear a diaper. Wikipedia tells us a little more about diaperism here.

50. Cosplay Kink

While being a cosplayer doesn’t necessarily equate to being kinky, there are some who do find this type of dress-up to be erotic. They may have ritualized the make-up and preparation that goes into a kick-ass costume, and be turned on by the costume itself or how it looks/feels on their body.

Regardless of whether it’s a fetish, there are a lot of overtly sexy cosplay designs out there. The point at which cosplay becomes an actual fetish is likely when arousal is only possible when dressed up or with a partner in cosplay attire.

New to cosplay? See Cosplay for Kinky People.

Cosplay Fetish
Costumes can be kinky.

51. Crossdressing Fetish

Not to be confused with transgenderism, crossdressing is simply about dressing as the opposite sex. In most cases, we are looking at men who are aroused by wearing women’s clothes, to the point that getting off is only enabled and much enhanced with a pair of silky stockings or a sexy gown. Going out for a walk wearing frilly undies beneath their suit could be very enticing for a man who usually keeps their crossdressing private.

Crossdressing kink is only considered a fetish, “transvestic fetishism”, if it leads to social or occupational impairment and distress. If you love to crossdress, by all means, enjoy your crossdressing kink.

52. Fur Fetish

So soft, so smooth, so silky and warm. When it comes to fur, nothing beats the real thing, particularly if you have a fur fetish!

A lot of the fur fetish seems to revolve around a love of, and sexual arousal from, fur coats specifically. A woman in furs is glamorous, but for many, it’s the fur itself that turns their crank.

53. Furry Fetish

“Furries” are part of a rather large subculture of people who love to dress up in full animal costumes, and many consider themselves more animal than human. For some this type of dress-up is just about having fun, but for others, it has reached fetish level. A furry fetishist will want to embody their “fursona” during sex and find others dressed as anthropomorphic animals to be the height of sexiness.

Want to know more? Here are 5 Things You Didn’t Know about the Furry Fetish.

Furry Fetish

54. High Heel Fetish

High heels have been long been associated with sex, and it’s not surprising why.

High heels subtly change the wearer’s posture to a more “butt out” and “tits up” look, by pushing the lower back and chest forward.  Heels are also associated with power and dominance, and femininity at the same time. This makes heels the shoe of choice for femdoms and dominatrixes, the type of women that many a heel fetishist desires.

For some with a high-heel kink, the wearer isn’t even part of the equation. A stiletto shoe on its own may be enough to elicit sexual arousal. Others have this kink in conjunction with a foot fetish, and a heel dangling from a lady’s sexy toes may be the height of ecstasy.

55. Latex Fetish

Latex is kinky. A shiny, tight material that highlights all the curves of the wearer. Latex is used for all sorts of fetish clothing including hoods, gloves, stockings, you name it! A love of latex becomes a latex fetish when the presence of latex, either in clothing form or accessories, is required for sexual satisfaction.

Dominatrix with Latex Fetish
The choice of Dommes everywhere.

56. Leather Fetish

Leather is one of those materials that has no substitute for true leather lovers. Its smell is distinct, the feel can be smooth, rough, or fuzzy in the case of suede. Unlike PVC and other leather look-alikes, leather is breathable and can be “broken in” over time for a perfect fit. It’s also iconic, the stuff that cool jackets, Italian heels, and daddy’s belt are all made of.

The leather fetish is longstanding and one of the most popular on our list of kinks. Learn more about it in our article, Leather Fetish Explained.

57. Panty Fetish

A panty fetish is a kink for women’s underwear, and preferences can vary widely. Some panty fetishists love the exposure offered by a G-string or thong panties, and others prefer full-bottom panties and bikini-style underwear.

Panty sniffing, panty collecting, crossdressing with panties, and even buying dirty panties off the internet are all possible pastimes of a panty lover. If this is your kink, you might want to check out 4 Ways to Enjoy Your Used Panty Fetish.

Panty Fetish
Pink panties for sale, worn and wet.

58. Pantyhose Fetish

A good pair of pantyhose are like airbrushing for legs; they perfect the tone and shape of a woman’s legs, adding sheen and a smooth silhouette. Some have a fetish for pantyhose and can’t get enough of the silky look and feel of a tight pair of nylons.

What’s behind this kink? Read our popular article, All You Need to Know about the Pantyhose Fetish.

59. Panty Liner Fetish

I wasn’t quite sure where to categorize this one, so I’ve put it alongside the panty and pantyhose fetish entries. But what is a panty liner fetish? Simply, it’s a kink for that little bit of plastic-lined cotton that women wear in their panties when they want to keep their underwear clean, during the last days of their period, or on any day.

A panty liner fetishist may be a bit of a garbage-picker, as in order to indulge their kink they may have to find a used panty liner in the trash. The hope is to find a liner that still has the woman’s sweet scent and vaginal juices on it.

60. Shoe Fetish (retifism)

Women often talk about having a shoe fetish, but what they usually mean is that they love shopping for shoes and filling their closets. But a true shoe fetish is on another level.

Shoe and boot fetish is popular, and not limited to high heels as we specified above. Someone with this kink may be aroused just looking at shoes, touching them, smelling them, or the feeling of wearing them.

High Heel Fetish and Fishnets
Fancy with fishnets.

61. Spandex Fetish

Something tells me the spandex fetish may have peaked in the 1980s, with the release of all those workout videos featuring spandex-clad women stretching and bending over. Like latex, spandex creates a smooth silhouette, fitting tight against the wearer’s skin and adding shine. But spandex is a little more forgiving with its breathability and easier to incorporate into daily wear.

A spandex fetish may go beyond the fabric itself and involve fantasies surrounding those who typically wear spandex such as dancers, swimmers, athletes, and performers.

62. Stocking Fetish

I see the stockings fetish as an extension of the pantyhose fetish, but with a few bonuses. In addition to that silky look and feel, there are things like garters and garter belts that add to the sex appeal. The wearer can keep these details hidden, or just slightly peeking out from under their clothing which adds to the allure and anticipation.

There’s also something about seeing the top of a pair of stockings on a woman’s legs, as they accentuate the length of her legs but stop just a few inches below her panties.

Stocking Fetish
Thigh high, oh my!

63. Zentai Suit Fetish

Zentai suits are skin-tight coverings usually made with spandex fabric. Besides accentuating the wearer’s body, it also creates a sort of anonymity because it is a full-body covering, encasing the head as well as the body. Not to be confused with morph suits, which are basically zentai suits but usually worn by super fans at sporting events, or for green-screen camera work.

The zentai fetish originated in Japan, and the kink is often about the look, feel, and for some, the objectification and possible submission of wearing such a suit. Learn more about the Zentai Suit Fetish.

Objectophilia – Objectum Sexuality

64. Balloon Fetish

People with a balloon fetish are called “looners”. What’s the turn-on? It could be the mere sight of a balloon that arouses a balloon fetishist, or the sound, or their changing form as they inflate, deflate, or POP! And by the way, there are “poppers” and “non-poppers” in the scene, and a lot of variations in preferred activities.

Curious? Learn more about balloon kink: Balloon Fetish for Looners.

Balloon Fetish
Don’t burst my balloon fantasy!

65. Car Fetish (mechanophilia)

Cars are sexy, at least that’s what I’ve learned from watching music videos over the years. But someone with a car fetish has more than a basic desire to drive a sleek race car. A mechanohile may want to have sex with a car, or even fall in love with a car!

The term mechanophilia actually refers to a fetish for machines beyond cars, including motorcycles, airplanes, trains, etc. If this is intriguing, see our article on car fetishes and kinks to learn more about mechanophila and other car kinks such as the car crash fetish and a fetish for speed.

66. Fire Fetish (pyrophilia)

Someone with pyrophilia derives sexual gratification from fire and/or starting of fires. Not to be confused with pyromania, which does not necessitate a sexual component, fire fetishists may only be aroused or achieve sexual satisfaction when fire is present.

Ideally, someone with a fire kink will not cross over to the danger and damages associated with pyromania and will find other ways to indulge their fire fetish. Watching fire, lighting candles, or even incorporating BDSM fire play.

Fire Fetish
Holding a torch for an old flame?

67. Food Fetish (sitophilia)

Food fetishists are aroused by sexual play that involves food, and in some cases non-sexual food play. Yes, it can be as obvious as using phallic-shaped vegetables for insertions, but the food fetish possibilities are endless. These kinksters may want to eat food off another person, cover themselves in food, or feed food to someone else. Sometimes food is arousing in and of itself, possibly because of its texture or shape.

Looking for ideas? See 7 Foods for Sex.

Many other kinks in our fetish list overlap with sitophilia such as feederism,  and some fetishes I’ve categorized as “sensation fetishes”: sploshing, wet and messy fetish, and my favorite, cake sitting!

Cucumbers with Condoms
Even cucumbers get kinky sometimes.

68. Fog Fetish (nebulophilia)

A nebulophile is aroused by smoke and fog. A walk through thick, dense fog must be the ultimate aphrodisiac! But foggy days can be fleeting so there are other ways for smoke and fog lovers to get their fix. Dry ice is one such solution.

The speed at which the foggy smoke moves and the density of it could be factors that appeal to fog admirers, and many desire to see the smoke/fog envelop someone, caressing their body.

69. Insect Fetish (formicophilia)

Insects are often a phobia for people, but in the case of formicophiles there is nothing hotter. Insect fetish is usually concerned with the ticklish feeling of ants, cockroaches, and other bugs crawling over the skin, possibly biting or stinging as well. Insects may be applied to the genitals and other erogenous zones, or the entire body.

A sub-niche of this kink, melissaphilia, is when a fetish is specifically for bees and wasps. Buzz buzz!

70. Mannequin Fetish (agalmatophilia)

Another form of object sexuality, agalmatophilia is a fetish for mannequins, statues, dolls, or other figure-based objects. Someone with a mannequin fetish may enjoy simply fantasizing about mannequin sex or may want to engage sexually with the object of their affection. Some may desire to emulate a statue themselves or turn another into a statue during role-play.

Perhaps this kink partially explains the popularity of sex dolls.

Read: Beyond Human: Fetish Outside the Human Paradigm

71. Mirror Fetish (katoptronophilia)

Katoptroonophiles derive pleasure from looking in mirrors during sex, masturbation, or while performing other sexually arousing acts. Sex without mirrors can be boring for a mirror fetishist, and some will have mirrors all over their house for this purpose. When traveling, they surely book the honeymoon suite equipped with a mirrored ceiling!

Sound like fun? You don’t have to have a fetish to have fun with mirrors. Here are 4 Ways to Use Mirrors in the Bedroom.

Mirror Fetish
Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the kinkiest of all?

72. Religious Object Fetish (hierophilia)

Hierophilia refers to fantasies and sexual arousal from religious images and rituals, sacred objects, or having sex in a religious setting such as a church.

I can imagine that a “religion fetish” has roots in the repression of sexual urges and subsequent feelings of guilt and shame.. but I’ll leave analysis on this one to the professionals at Psychology Today.

73. Sleeping Bag Fetish

For some, it’s the slippery nylon feel of a sleeping bag that provides their sexual energy, but there’s more to this kink besides the fabric. Many people find being tightly enclosed with limited movement to be very arousing, and a sleeping bag often does the trick. Think modern mummification meets the great outdoors.

Sleeping bag fetish is common enough that there are plenty of bondage sleeping bags and BDSM sacks on the market for people looking for further restraint.

Kinky camping for sleeping bag fetish
Might I suggest you take her camping?

74. Spider Fetish (arachnophilia)

Another one of those fetishes in our list that has many people at its polar opposite. I’m one of those firmly in the phobia camp when it comes to spiders, but arachnophiles enjoy sexual play involving spiders immensely.

Some spiders are dangerous which adds a certain thrill and adrenaline rush.  Or it may be the ticklish feel as a spider walks across your skin that provides pleasure.

75. Stuffed Animal Fetish (plushophilia)

I love my teddy bear. I sleep with him every night. If I were a plushophile things may have gone a lot further by now. Plushophilia is a fetish for stuffed animals, and for these people, there is no human who can come close to turning them on as much as their favorite plushie. Some like to add a hole to their plush stuffed animal for penetration, or simply rub themselves with the soft exterior.

If I did in fact have a sexual relationship with my teddy bear, I’d be an ursusagalmatophila. A word reserved specifically for teddy bear fetish!

76. Tentacle Fetish

Someone with a tentacle fetish may be fixated on the erotic nature of a tentacled being, real or imagined. They may fantasize about the tentacles wrapping around them as in bondage play, and penetrating them possibly in multiple ways. A common outlet or exploration of this kink occurs in hentai tentacle porn which you can read more about here: Tentacle Porn 101.

Tentacle Fetish
8 arms to hold you.

77. Tree Fetish (dendrophilia)

Dendrophilia translates as a “love of trees”, but tree fetishists take things beyond being a simple “tree hugger”. The tree may be revered for its virile and phallic symbolism. As this fetish is mainly about a sexual attraction to trees, someone with a tree fetish may even have sexual contact with trees and other plants. Some may prefer to simply have sex in a forest setting, surrounded by the trees they find so arousing.

A related fetish, called xylophilia refers to arousal to wood. This could clearly overlap with the tree fetish, but a xylophile may not specifically be into trees, but simply the wood itself. Perhaps some kinky play atop the polished wooden dining table is just the thing!

78. Water Fetish (aquaphilia)

Water lovers are turned on by people swimming or having sex in water, or underwater.  A water fetish may be specifically about showers and bathtubs, the water itself, or even sexual arousal to floods! Psychology Today breaks down the different water kinks in detail here.

People & Role-Play Fetishes

79. Infantilism Fetish (autonepiophilia)

Paraphilic infantilism includes what is more commonly referred to as an adult baby fetish. Those who engage in infantilism may enjoy role-playing baby and caregiver scenarios complete with diapers, baby bottles, pacifiers, or even giant cribs and playpens. Adult babies who enjoy wearing diapers are referred to AB/DL.. adult baby, diaper lover.

If an adult baby has a breastfeeding partner handy, they may even engage in adult nursing.

To learn more read Infantilism: Fetish and Fantasy, and Erotic Lactation and Adult Nursing Relationships.

Adult Baby Fetish
Be a good boy for mommy.

80. Clown Fetish (coulrophilia)

Yep, some people are super into clowns and sexually aroused by characters such as jesters and mimes as well. After reading several accounts of “sex clowns”, it seems that there are a multitude of reasons that people have a kink for clowns.

For some, it’s the make-up; the sensation of applying it, and the way it obscures identity. A fetishist may also enjoy the non-serious nature of a clown, others cite the humiliation of a clown as it laughs at your actions. For others, it’s the costumes or all of the above. Many say their clown fetish began in childhood but as with all kinks in our list of fetishes, there is no single scenario that applies to all.

Learn more about coulrophilia in our article Coulrophilia: Clown Fetish Fun.

81. Criminal Fetish (hybristophila)

While fetish crime is an actual thing, (think breaking into someone’s house to steal their panties), what we’re talking about with hybristophila is a fetish for sexual involvement with a criminal. These fetishists need their partner to be a no-good, lying, cheating, criminal, even murdering sort of person, in order to become aroused and attain sexual satisfaction.

This explains all those serial murderers and other high-profile criminals receiving lurid fan letters as they rot in prison. The possible reasons include a desire to “change” such a man, to nurture the boy that the criminal once was, or to be involved in a relationship that can never be fully consummated which may be ideal for insecure or “love-avoidant” types. Wikipedia gives a good overview of the criminal fetish, which has also been called Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome.

Criminal Fetish
Penpal wanted.

82. Cuckold Fetish

A cuckold derives sexual pleasure knowing that his partner is having sex with others. It may be a hotwife arrangement, whereby a wife goes out to hook up with a “bull” while her husband waits at home. In other cuckold scenarios, the woman cuckolds her partner by having sex with another man in his presence.

This is all very exciting to a cuckold. He enjoys sharing his partner and is turned on by her pleasure derived from another man, and the sense of submission and humiliation that come with it. Indeed, the cuckold fetish is so popular and prevalent that you can even find dedicated cuckold dating sites.

83. Granny Fetish (gerontophilia)

The granny, or grandma fetish, is a sexual attraction to elderly people. Gerontophiles have sometimes had an early sexual experience with a much older woman, which shapes their desires. I’ll also hazard to guess that a granny kink can develop after seeing the vast amount of granny porn out there.

We’ve written about gerontophilia and the granny fetish, and did you know? There are even granny dating sites out there that cater to this fetish. We’ve laid them out for our readers in our article How to Find Local Granny Hookups.

Granny Fetish
And a nice cup of tea afterward.

84. Ghost Fetish (spectrophilia)

Have you ever had sex with a ghost? No? Well, that’s exactly what might turn a spectrophile on. That, and the fantasy of seeing or being near ghosts and spirits, or even attraction to images in mirrors. I’m pretty sure ghosts aren’t real so the ghost fetish is generally limited to imagination and fantasy play.

Read: Ghost Fetish: Spectrophilia and Ghost Sex

Ghost fetishism made it onto our kinky list of Impossible Kinks and Fetishes.

85. Giant Fetish (macrophilia)

Macrophilia is a kink for giants and in most cases, it’s a giantess that is fantasized about by men. A man may fantasize about a woman that is larger than life, making him feel tiny in comparison. The woman is dominant, and the fantasy may even involve being eaten by such a woman.

There’s a 1958 movie called “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”, and it’s likely a very exciting film for anyone with a giant fetish. Possibly, it even spawned more macrophiles.

Read more about the giantess fetish in our article What Kind of Kink Is Macrophilia?

Macrophilia Giant Woman Fetish
Does she really need those heels?

86. Human Pet Fetish

Some just can’t get off unless they’re crawling about on all fours with a collar around their neck. The human pet is subservient to its master, reliant on them for food (served on the floor), and desirous of the affection that an owner bestows upon their special pet.

Pet play is a form of animal roleplay and has very much to do with dominance and submission. Learn more about Slaves vs Pets.

87. Mommy Fetish

At first thought, you might assume a mom fetish is all about the kink of adult baby role-play and diaper lovers. In some cases, this is the case, but many mom fetishes have nothing to do with infantilism. Consider the popularity of MILFs, and also kinks revolving around pregnancy and lactation. See our article entitled 5 Kinds of Mommy Fetishes and Kinks.

That said, many a mommy fetishist does fantasize about having a dominant woman, or MomDom, mother them lovingly and punish them accordingly – with a good old over-the-knee spanking. Think Daddy/little girl relationship, in reverse.

Mommy Fetish
Mother I’d Like to F*ck?

88. Monster Fetish (teratophilia)

This is the kink for people who love monsters, but it can also refer to a sexual attraction to deformities or deformed persons. Wikipedia lists some of the monsters that a teratophile might have a fetish for, including Big Foot.

89. Santa Fetish (santaphilia)

Yes, we’re talking about Santa Claus here. A big, burly, bearded man dressed in red and bearing gifts. Perhaps a result of childhood memories, a Santa fetishist may fantasize about being on Father Christmas’ naughty list and deserving of a Santa spanking, or of sitting on Santa’s knee and whispering into his ear.

Santa is manly and a natural dominant, but with a very nurturing vibe. No wonder santaphiles long to hear they’ve been a ‘good boy’ or girl. But hey, Santa isn’t real, so if this is your girlfriend’s kink then check out 4 Ways to Satisfy Her Santa Fetish.

Santa Fetish
Ready to sit on Santa’s knee.

90. Small People Fetish (microphilia)

A fetish for small people, or in some cases small body parts, is known as microphilia – the other side of the macrophilia coin. There may be a submissive desire to be small, seemingly insignificant, to a dominant lover. Conversely, the fetishist may be turned on by fantasizing about others being small or shrinking before their eyes.

You can read more about the kink for shrinking women and men in this article by Dr. Mark Griffiths.

91. Ugly People Fetish

A kink for ugly people may have some overlap with teratophilia, defined above. But an ugly people fetish isn’t necessarily about deformity as implied by teratophilia, the monster fetish. Some are just sexually attracted to buck teeth, large noses, or bad skin.. the kinds of things that are culturally considered unattractive.

92. Vampire Fetish

The vampire fetish can encompass many different behaviors, ways of dressing, and types of vampire “play”. Regarding play, the vampire fetish can be considered one of the more dangerous fetishes if blood play is involved, for reasons you can imagine.

So what is it about vampire kink that gets people all hot and bothered? Submitting to a vampire’s bite, the fantasy of eternal life, a thirst for bodily fluids, the gothic clothing and costuming,.. it certainly lends itself to exquisite role-play.

Vampire Fetish
This won’t hurt a bit.

93. Virgin Fetish (parthenophilia)

While some prefer to have an experienced partner, many men, and some women have a kink for virgins. This sexual desire could lead a parthenophile to specifically seek out virgins for sex. Sleeping with a virgin may bring feelings of power for being the first, or relief that they’ll be compared to no other.

It’s not always the virginity itself that is the allure, but the inexperience. Someone turned on by those who are sexually incompetent or prone to “sexual mistakes”, may have harmatophilia, a fetish for inexperienced partners.

So long as those participating in these “first-time” sexual encounters are respectful, consenting adults, then indulging a virgin kink need not be a problem. But such a case could be rather rare.

An issue with a virginity fetish may arise if someone attempts to pay for the opportunity, whereby the virgin is very likely being taken advantage of. Better options for virgin fetish play might involve role-play with a partner, or hitting the web for some good ol’ virgin porn, with actors fulfilling the fantasy.

For more on the kink for virgins, read Virgin Fetish: History, Culture & Ways to Play

Sensation Fetishes

94. Buried Alive Fetish (taphephilia)

Taphephilia refers to sexual arousal at the thought or experience of being buried alive. There is little written on this fetish, but dark corners of the internet reveal that people out there do have an interest in being buried alive for sexual reasons. This kink is very likely related to claustrophilia, defined below. The turn-on is related to a feeling of helplessness, confinement, and ultimately submission.

95. Bondage Fetish

Bondage is part of BDSM and is practiced by many people in their sex lives. When speaking of a bondage fetish, we are talking about individuals who may require a form of bondage in order to feel satisfied in their sexual encounters. Someone with a bondage fetish may be submissive or dominant, preferring either to be bound or alternately the one doing the binding.

Bondage is a diverse practice, and as you can see from other fetishes in our fetish glossary, it can take many forms. Consider mummification, suspension bondage, shibari rope play, sleep sack and sleeping bag kinks, duct tape, or silk scarves. A person with a bondage fetish may be interested in play involving any of these or have desires that are very specific.

For those interested in meeting bondage partners, see our guide to the Best Bondage Dating Sites.

Bondage Fetish
Now be still.

96. Cake Sitting Fetish & Sploshing

Cake sitting and sploshing fetish are a subset of the ‘wet and messy fetish, or WAM fetish (see further down the list of fetishes). People who get off on cake sitting, or seeing others sit on cake, enjoy the crushing of soft and squishy textures as they lower their bottom onto a smooth cake. People who like ‘messy sex’ may find cake sitting and sploshing to be a good way to take ‘messy’ to the next level, replete with icing and sprinkles.

After sitting a bit of licking may be in order, or spreading of the crushed cake onto other parts of the body. Resident writer Jamie tells us about her cake sitting experience.

Sploshing can refer to any type of food being smeared or otherwise applied to the skin, usually in copious amounts.

Sploshing Fetish
Chocolately splish sploshing.

97. Cold Fetish (psychrophilia)

In biology, a psychrophile is an organism that thrives at low temperatures. In the fetish realm, a person with psychrophilia is sexually aroused by the cold, being cold, or witnessing others being cold. A cold fetish could be indulged by having sexual experiences outside in the cold, or by way of ice play.

Winter with its snow and icicles may seem idyllic, but here we present you with some ideas of cold fetish play year-round: Cold Temperature Play for a Hot Summer.

98. Claustrophilia Fetish

While it’s common for most people to balk at being enclosed in a small, tight space, claustrophiles find the idea sexually arousing. Whether it’s being encased in a sleeping bag, body bag, cage, box, or trunk of a car – the experience of being thus confined is what this fetish is all about. Whether confined alone or with a partner, claustrophilia has its roots in submissive helplessness, the element of bondage and restriction, and even its effect on a person’s breathing. Learn more about claustrophila.

Claustrophobia Fetish
Only a tight squeeze will please.

99. Crush Fetish

Someone with a crush fetish is sexually aroused by the crushing of objects, insects, and/or animals in extreme cases. Usually by feet which makes a foot fetish/crush fetish crossover possible, but possibly by other means.

Read: Crush Fetish: All About Crushing Kinks

Soft crush refers to the crushing of objects such as food or invertebrates. Hard crush refers to the crushing of vertebrate animals, which I won’t elaborate on further as it is clearly abusive and cruel, and must remain in the realm of fantasy. Obviously, humans should not be crushed either, but a kink for stepping or being stepped on is detailed below as a “trample fetish”.

100. Dirty Fetish (salirophilia)

This fetish is all about messing up and soiling a person by means of ripping their clothes, disheveling their hair or smearing their makeup, or covering them in dirt or other messy substances such as feces or urine. The object of desire, usually an attractive person, is rendered “unattractive” and defiled, and that is what gets these salirophiles hot.

Related kinks that may come into play with the dirty fetish are golden showers, scat play, bukkake, facials, and wet and messy fetishism.

Dirty Fetish
Slightly bedraggled and muddy, but still hot.

101. Gagging Fetish

A gagging fetish involves someone, usually a woman, gagging on her partner’s cock as it reaches down her throat, or on her partner’s fingers. It shows up often in deep-throat porn, and perhaps that is where the fetish begins for some men.

What makes this sexy for some guys? Likely the depth of the blowjob as she struggles to take it all in, an increase in saliva, and the possibility of vomiting, with a side of humiliation and submission thrown in.

Read Gagging Fetish: A Woman’s Perspective.

102. Hypnosis Fetish

Erotic hypnosis, sometimes called “hypnokink”, is the use of hypnosis to enhance sexual feelings, give sexual suggestions, or enhance role-play. However, with hypnosis fetishism the hypnotism itself is the arousing factor – pleasure can be gained simply by hypnotizing someone, being hypnotized, or watching others under hypnosis.

Hypnosis fetish is similar to mind control fetishism. The hypnotized person gives up control, to be at the mercy of their hypnotist – which is what they desire. BDSM submissives who practice hypnokink may desire a dom who will hypnotize them, (whether in actuality or by fantasy), and ask them to perform kinky acts. I know a bit about this because I did a lot of hypnosis role-play with a submissive man when I was younger. (You can ask me about it in the comments.)

Here is our article about Hypnosis Fetish and Hypnokink, and an interesting post at Narratively by a hypnosis fetishist.

Hypnosis Fetish
You are getting very, very horny.

103. Mummification Fetish

Mummification is a form of bondage and BDSM play. This has nothing to do with ancient Egypt, and everything to do with the confinement, submission, and sensation of being tightly wrapped and at the mercy of a dominant. Materials used range from plastic wrap and bondage tape, to bandages and plaster.

Learn more: Mummification Bondage Techniques and Safety

104. Spanking Fetish

Spanking is a form of impact play that is popular among couples, even those who consider themselves more vanilla. A spanking can range from light taps on a person’s behind to something more intense and may involve props such as paddles or riding crops.

Is spanking a fetish? If sex isn’t satisfying or complete without being spanked or giving a spanking, it could fall under fetishism. Luckily, finding spanking partners is relatively easy compared to the obstacles those with rarified fetishes face.

For safety’s sake, consider reading our Spanking Fetish: How to Give a Kinky Spanking.

Spanking Fetish
C’mon baby make it hurt so good.

105. Tickle Fetish (knismolagnia)

Knismolagnia is a fetish for tickling, and there are many subsets of this kink. For example, pteronphilia is sexual arousal from being tickled with feathers, and titillagnia is the enjoyment of tickling others. Whether you want to tickle or be tickled, this is a fetish concerning physical sensations, control vs. helplessness, and the associated joy and laughter. A tickle fetish may not even require a sexual intent, and fully-clothed tickling can be enough to bring on an orgasm.

Want some ideas for tickle fetish play? See Tickle Fetish for Kink Lovers and Tia’s Tickle Torture Tips.

106. Trample Fetish

Trample fetish is about stepping or ‘trampling’ on a human and can be done with consent and some care. Those desirous of becoming a human doormat may have masochistic tendencies or revel in the submissive nature of being stepped on. Wanting to be trampled for sexual satisfaction may be about erotic humiliation, pain, and submission to a dominant.

There is possible overlap with other kinks such as cock and ball torture (CBT), foot fetish, and macrophilia in which the turn-on involves being crushed or stepped on by a giant woman.

107. Wet and Messy Fetish (WAM)

Earlier in our fetish list, I detailed sploshing and cake-sitting kinks. These are a subset of the wet and messy fetish, an activity and turn-on that is gaining in popularity. Whereas sploshing involves food specifically, WAM fetishists may enjoy a wide variety of dirty, squishy, and MESSY substances applied to their bodies, clothed or naked. Shaving cream, mud, whipped cream, pea soup,.. imagination is the only limit.

What is it about the wet and messy fetish that is so tantalizing for some? Aside from the delicious sensations of temperature and texture upon the skin, there may be an element of humiliation that some enjoy as well. For others, it may be more about the aesthetic, or simply the playful silliness of it all.

Wet and Messy Fetish
Get out the plastic sheets honey!

Taboo & Illegal Fetishes You Should Never Act On

Some might argue that many or most fetishes are taboo in nature, but these are the ones that probably get much of their strength from the very fact that they are so socially taboo. While there are other extreme fetishes on our list of kinks that you also shouldn’t act on, (being buried alive?), these are the top no-nos.

Fetishize and fantasize all you like, but leave these kinks where they belong: in your imagination or as part of a consensual role-play scenario. If it can’t be consensual, (particularly because the other person is sleeping, dead, or below the age of consent), then it can’t be done. If you find your fetish on this list of kinks and are disturbed or worried about it, contact a local therapist.

Taboo Fetishes
Some fantasies are best left unexplored.

108. Amputation Fetish (apotemnophilia)

As mentioned above with the other body-related fetishes, apotemnophilia is a fetish for wanting to become an amputee oneself. This is a dangerous fixation, in which the person fetishizes the idea of becoming disabled by the loss of a limb.

109. Autoerotic Asphyxiation

Breath play with a partner is dangerous enough, but some practice breath deprivation alone to heighten their orgasms while masturbating.  This is called autoerotic asphyxiation (AEA), in which a bag over the head or some type of rope around the neck is used to temporarily cut off the air supply. The resulting euphoric high can increase pleasure for some.

However, this type of activity is extremely dangerous and has sadly resulted in death for too many.

Autoerotic Asphyxiation Fetish
Breath play is dangerous, with or without a partner.

110. Cannibal Fetish (vorarephilia)

Well, I don’t think I need to tell you why acting on a cannibal fetish is wrong. But yes, some people do get off on the thought of consuming other humans.

This kink is a subset of the vorarephilia fetish, or “vore”, in which the fantasy is more likely to involve being consumed whole. And with vore, the one eating is more likely to be a monster of the imagination, some kind of animal, or a giant snake.

But vore is actually a fantasy fetish, so to speak. Cannibalism? Possible, but just don’t okay? Even if it’s consensual.

111. Disaster Fetish (symphorophilia)

Symphorophilia is an unusual fetish in which a person is sexually aroused by disaster or tragedy, possibly staged or created themselves. Fires and traffic accidents may be possible turn-ons, and the excitement lies not in the subsequent damage and/or potential loss of life, but in the thrilling risk of such an undertaking.

Disaster fetish became more widely known after the 1996 movie Crash, based on a novel by J. G. Ballard.

112. Exhibitionism (apodysophilia)

An exhibitionist kink typically refers to exposing one’s genitalia or other sexual body parts to unsuspecting victims in public or semi-public settings. It can also entail having sex in settings where one could potentially be seen or “caught in the act”. This is often referred to as indecent exposure and is generally against the law.

Although apodysophilia may result in a compulsive desire to expose oneself, it’s a no-go because those on the receiving end cannot consent. But there are still creative ways for exhibitionists to play and express themselves. See Tia’s article Tips for Practicing Consensual Exhibitionism.

Exhibitionism Fetish
Sex in a movie theatre? Been there done that.

113. Frotteurism

Frotteurism, or frotteuristic disorder, is a fetishistic desire to rub oneself, (usually the pelvic area or penis), up against non-consenting strangers in public. Since this has personally happened to me more than once on crowded subways, I can only assume it’s not entirely uncommon.

Frotteurs, please stop or seek help. This is non-consensual and may be deemed sexual assault and a criminal offense.

114. Hebephilia

Hebephilia is a sexual preference for kids in early adolescence, typically between the ages of 11 and 14. Acting on this is abusive and criminal. Do not.

115. Incest Fetish

Incest is taboo for many good reasons.  But it’s exactly this fact that it’s taboo that leads to some people having persistent, fetishist thoughts and desires surrounding incest. They are aroused by the idea of observing or participating in sexual acts between family members, such as mother and son.

But incest is actually pretty popular as a fantasy if all the incest porn out there is any indication. Fantasies are good. Getting it on with your sister is bad.

Read Incest Fetish and Fantasy Taboo.

116. Murder Fetish (erotophonophilia)

Erotophonophilia is sexual arousal or satisfaction that is dependent on someone being killed. Also referred to as ‘lust murder’, this type of homicide may involve murder during sexual activity, mutilation, cannibalism, and necrophilia. This type of murder fetish killing is most common among serial killers.

Criminal Fetish
Jail will not be sexy.

117. Necrophilia & Necrozoophilia

Necrophilia is a paraphilia that involves sexual attraction and sexual acts that involve dead bodies. Necrozoophilia applies to dead animals.

118. Pedophilia

Pedophilia is a paraphilia and psychiatric disorder. Pedophiles have sexual urges, fantasies, and/or behaviors involving prepubescent children. To be classified as a pedophile, the attraction to children must be exclusive and primary.

119. Sleep Fetish (somnophilia)

Somnophilia is sexual attraction to someone who is unconscious, and is sometimes called the “sleeping beauty fetish”. It is considered a predatory paraphilia, because the person who is sleeping, or unconscious for whatever reason, is unable to respond and unable to give consent.

It also appears that sleep fetish has a high correlation with incest, and can possibly progress to necrophilia. A slippery slope indeed.

Sleeping Fetish
Sleeping fetish? Look but don’t touch.

120. Toucherism

Whereas frotteurism, (above), is characterized by sexually rubbing against people without consent, toucherism is much the same but with the use of hands. Often in busy public places, someone with this disorder will grab or touch a person’s buttocks, breasts, or genital area, often as they quickly pass by.

121. Voyeurism

A voyeur obtains sexual gratification from watching others while they are naked, undressing, or engaged in sexual behavior. It’s considered a paraphilic, voyeuristic disorder when the voyeurism fetish causes distress to the fetishist or involves unconsenting adults or children.

By definition, a voyeur’s arousal is dependent on the object of their interest being unaware that they are being watched. However, it’s possible to explore voyeuristic fantasies without crossing that line. See our Tips for Voyeurism with Consent.

Voyeur Fetish
Don’t be a peeping Tom.

122. Zoophilia

Zoophilia is a sexual attraction to non-human animals. Like many other strange attractions, this type of animal fetish may be harmless so long as it remains in the realm of fantasy. But don’t cross over to bestiality, which refers to sex with animals. It’s abusive, lacks consent, and is usually illegal.

Whew! I hope our big list of kinks and fetishes was of interest and perhaps a little entertaining as well.

If you have more questions about paraphilia, how a fetish differs from a kink, and the causes of fetishism, see our article:

What is a Fetish? and Other Kink Questions

If BDSM is your thing, you may also want to check out our Big List of BDSM Activities for more ideas and inspiration.

Is there something we should add to our list of kinks? What’s YOUR fetish or kink?

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