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Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the messages we receive, we’ve put together a few FAQ for you to consider before contacting us.

  1. Can I buy a sponsored post?
    No. Currently we are not offering sponsorship opportunities. But let us know if you have an affiliate program.
  2. Does Kink Lovers accept guest posts or new writers?
    No. At this time we only publish articles from our in-house writers. Requests for guest posts or writing opportunities will not receive a reply at this time.
  3. Can you add a link to my site?
    We do not add links by request, whether paid or unpaid. All links to external sources are created to support an article at the time of writing, and are at the sole discretion of our managing editor.
  4. Does Kink Lovers sell ad space?
    No, we do not display advertising in the form of banners or text ads.
  5. Can you help me find a hookup?
    We often have people sending us their phone number or dating profile. Kink Lovers is not a dating site, but we do have a Guide to Kink Dating┬áif you’d like some help in that department.

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