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Kink Lovers Magazine is a source of information and entertainment for anyone interested in fetish play, kink, and BDSM.

We create resources for kinky people, and provide dating and relationship advice, BDSM education, personal stories, site reviews, sex tips and ideas, reader submissions, fetish facts, and more.

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Get to Know Us..

Who are the Kink Lovers?

Kink Lovers Magazine was founded by Lola Page, and began as a blog back in 2012. Lola wanted to publish stories and tips for anyone interested in adding more kink to their life, and to provide a place to openly discuss fetishes and taboo desires. Something between the sterile articles of Wikipedia and the porn that often pops up when searching for more information on kinky subjects.

BDSM magazine

There have been many writers for Kink Lovers over the years as it became necessary to hire help to keep the kinky content flowing. It took time to arrive here, but today we are very proud of the current roster: Jamie, Tia, Holly, and Lola Page. Due to the personal nature of our content at times, some of our contributors, (Tia and Jamie),  use pseudonyms for privacy purposes.

Holly is also our Managing Editor, professionally editing all of our articles and ensuring we publish on schedule. Kink Lovers also employs a full-time web developer, and a marketing strategist.

We also want to credit our generous readers who submit their deepest, darkest fantasies to our regular series, Kinky Confessions. Thank you for the inspiration and for keeping things interesting!

More About Lola Page

Since 2003, Lola Page has been developing websites and creating content for people interested in alternative lifestyles. Prior to this she indulged her own kinky side as a performer, working as an online dominatrix at one of the largest cam studios.

Her first web project, nearly 20 years ago, was a forum and directory of dating sites for people interested in BDSM and other niche desires.

So began an enduring interest in helping people connect online with like-minded communities and potential partners. This led to her participation in many dating industry conventions, events, and private gatherings – and the opportunity to learn about the world of online dating from the inside.

Eventually, Lola chose to expand her area of expertise and began writing more specifically about BDSM and fetish, and how they played out in relationships and dating. She draws from her own life experience, the teachings of the kink community, and those early years spent listening to and indulging the desires of her clients as a Domme/switch performer.

kink and BDSM blogger

Today, in addition to Kink Lovers, Lola maintains multiple lifestyle publications including PolyamoryToday.com.

Managing Kink Lovers and her other online magazines is a full-time job. When she’s not writing up new articles and resources, Lola spends her time joining and reviewing niche dating sites, engaging with our readers here and on social media, and coming up with new ways to help people meet and enjoy their kinks.

You can connect with Lola Page on Twitter, or message her through the Kink Lovers contact page.

Awards Won


Here at Kink Lovers we receive plenty of feedback, as we always encourage our readers to join the discussion at the end of each article. Some share their own stories and fantasies, others ask questions, and some add valuable ideas and thoughts regarding the topic at hand.

We are grateful for our readers and sometimes the sentiment is echoed back. The following are excerpts from the hundreds of comments found around our site:

  • “I have just started in the BDSM scene and your writing made a lot of sense and was informative to me. Thanks.” – Daryl, Minnesota
  • “It’s cool seeing people out there who share my interests trying to help others in the scene! Thank you!”  – emgee, California
  • “My wife has expressed an interest in flogging me and videos/information such as what is shown above is very helpful. Thanks.” – Dave
  • “These are the type of things everyone should ask when online dating! These were awesome tips! Thank you so much for the article.” – Jen, Iowa
  • “I have fantasies of such things that I hope to bring to a real relationship. Thank you Lola for your understanding of this subject.” – Lance, Missouri
  • “Thank you, Jamie. Really germane insights, and you are a wonderful writer. Seriously. And I’m a New Yorker Person.” – Lisa, New York
  • “Thank you for turning me on to this site. Maybe my fantasy WILL come true.” – Carl, California
  • “Jamie, thank you so much for posting this. It’s good to know there are actually women out there who enjoy having their belly button played with!” – Ryan, Chicago
  • “Thank you for allowing us to share with a degree of anonymity through a public forum.”  – Jeff & Julie, Arizona
  • “Thank you for posting my kink desires. I was very pleased.” – Jay, Texas
  • “Just looked at some kinky holiday locations, and all I can say is: I want a vacation! Thanks for sharing!” – Enrico, Netherlands
sharing your kinky stories

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We don’t do a lot of outreach, but occasionally we get noticed, referenced, or asked to contribute by others in the kink community. Here are a few examples.

The Kink Lovers Mission

Here at Kink Lovers, we want to shed some light on rarely talked about topics, suggest some kinky ideas, and have a little fun.

It’s always gratifying to help a reader out with some advice, and writing about their, and our own, kinky exploits is exciting and interesting too. Mostly we want to share and discuss the kinky stuff in a helpful way, without it having to be provocative. Just a nice, safe place to talk about kinks and how they intertwine with our lives.

Exploring Kink

How You Can Participate

Do you consider yourself a Kink Lover too? We love to hear from our readers and get the discussion flowing in our comments section. We try to respond to everyone, particularly when questions are asked.

Want to submit your own story or fantasy to Kink Lovers? Use the Kinky Confessions contact form to share your experience or naughty thoughts with other readers.

If you’ve had your fill of reading and are more interested in participating with someone in the flesh, be sure to start with our Guide to Kink Dating Sites.

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