Resources for BDSM & Kink Lovers

Here at Kink Lovers we’re putting together a collection of BDSM resources that will help you grow your knowledge and enjoyment of BDSM and kink.

Below are links to our BDSM resource pages, where you’ll find detailed information regarding education, entertainment, and support for kinky people. Please note that this is just the beginning – many more resources are in the works and will be added soon.

BDSM Education

Learn why a BDSM education is important, and discover some of the best BDSM schools, tutorials, YouTube channels, and courses from around the web.

BDSM Education: Where to Learn Online

Curious about kinks and want to learn more about fetish and paraphilia? Take a look at our fetish glossary, a list of over 120 fetishes complete with definitions, examples, and links to further reading.

Ultimate Fetish List: 120 Kinks & Definitions

BDSM Travel

We’ve put together a BDSM Travel Guide with options for every type of BDSM vacation. Explore BDSM resorts, stay-and-play dungeons, kinky bed & breakfasts, and BDSM cruises. Or plan your trip around BDSM events, museums, and clubs. Get a taste for the adventure that awaits when you a plan a kinky getaway for you and your partner.

BDSM Travel Guide: Plan a Kinky Vacation

BDSM Ideas & Inspiration

Discover new games of domination and submission; BDSM play goes far beyond bondage and spanking. We’ve put together a list of 50 types of BDSM play with links to information, ideas, and ways to get started. A good starting point for newbies who are curious about the different types of BDSM, and a source of inspiration for those looking for new ways to play.

BDSM Play: The BIG List of BDSM Activities

Kink & BDSM Dating

Finding niche dating sites for readers with specific tastes is one of our specialties here at Kink Lovers. If you’d like to meet local BDSM partners who share your particular kink, then take a look at our Kinky Dating Guide. We break down the different sites and dating apps for many popular fetishes, lifestyles, and BDSM activities.

Kinky Dating Sites: The Kink Lovers Guide


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