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Submissives: Slaves vs Pets

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Submissives are as different as the people that dominate them. The term submissive refers to one who likes to submit to a master, to give up control for periods of time. He/she often still has opinions and choices they will make. One still shares in the power balance with their dominant and  sex is often a large part of this intense relationship. Punishments and pain are real, but they don’t usually overlap into day-to-day life.

Slaves and Pets are two subsects under the submissive umbrella, and there is often a lot of debate in  BDSM  circles on their definitions and identities. Here’s my take:

Slaves choose to give up control completely. The power balance tips to the dominant’s direction. This is a choice a slave makes, not something they are forced to do. This is often a 24/7 role. They may still go to work, but when they return home it is full-on BDSM. Sex isn’t necessarily the largest part of this relationship, but the lifestyle may include more intense pain, humiliation, and pleasure. If a dominant asks one to do things against the law or your morals, he/she is not a true dominant.

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Pets lean close to the slave side of submission. How pets differ from other types of submissives is that sex is not always a part of the role, and in many instances is not. Choosing to be a pet is to give yourself to another and obey. This gives you more pleasure than sexual play. This can be a dangerous submission as there is a possibility of losing oneself mentally because you rarely have thoughts of your own. Most pets do not work and live with their master.

Giving up control on any level takes a lot of strength. Much thought and consideration should be taken before one becomes a submissive. Communication between a submissive and dominant is key when beginning or deepening this type of relationship.

Have you been, or think of becoming a slave or pet?

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