Kinky Couple

Threesome Deal Breakers

Sometimes the fancy-sex just isn’t worth it if it means having to put up with a knob. You can’t always tell beforehand

alien sex doll

Kinky Play with Ovipositors

Who Wants to Have Sex with an Alien? When Kinkgirl and I aren’t busy getting up to shenanigans that would likely give

Woman covered in Milk

How to Produce More Cum

If you and your partner enjoy kinky cum play, and are hunting for tips on how to turn your man’s load into

Man Grabbing Satin Sheets

Double Dildo Experience

Warning: better have your cum-towels handy cuz this one’s kinda filthy. I wanna go on record right off the bat and state

Two Surprised Women in Bed with Man

The Ins and Outs of Strap-On Sex

I have mixed feelings about The Almighty Strap-on. Conceptually, they rock. The whole idea of flip-play is such a basic kinky pleasure