Man Hiding in Closet

Coming Out of the Kink Closet

Some people never come out of the kink closet, that is, either stray from vanilla sex or talk about their kinky fetish

Woman in Mask Holding Gift

Kinky Gifts for Your Valentine

Hey Kink Lovers! Let’s not procrastinate this year! Here’s your Valentine’s Day mantra: “I will not buy my valentine’s day gift at

Sexy Woman on Laptop

Online Only Dating

You meet someone online. You have every intention of meeting this person in real life. But you don’t because you’ve created a

Happy New Year

6 Kinky Resolutions

Happy New Year Kink Lovers! Time to spread your kink wings with a few resolutions. We’re sure you’ve already come up with

Sexy Santa Woman

Kinky Christmas

Did you leave holiday shopping to the last minute? Having a hard time finding the right kinky present for your lover(s)? Don’t

7 Sexy Gifts for Your Kinky Lover

Women love gifts, especially unexpected ones. The problem is, men often lack creativity when it comes to buying presents for their woman.

Kink in Mainstream Movies

Kinky Mainstream Movies

Before watching kink on the Internet, it was slim pickings when it came to finding bdsm in mainstream movies. You had to