Sexy Texts to Send Your Lover

Some of you are old pros at sexting – sending sexually suggestive messages from your phone to a new lover. As a gal who only got her first cell phone last year (crazy, I know!), this is a new and exciting way to flirt and build anticipation. It makes me feel like a teenager again, but better because I have the confidence to say things I wouldn’t have back then.

What I’ve found to work best, is a slow build of flirty talk that often dances around the subject of sex rather than flat out dirty talk (I save that for the bedroom.) Sexting seems to happen more at the beginning of a relationship, especially before anything sexual has happened and it’s a good way to express fantasies and desires without feeling it has to be a strange or embarrassing conversation.

It can also spice up a relationship where sex isn’t happening as much as you’d like, and you’re looking for a way to rekindle the fun and passion that used to be present. In a challenging long distance affair, sexting might just be the only way to connect. Sometimes a few naughty lines from her is just what you need to get off.

Here are sexy message ideas to text your lover.

1. Hey hotstuff, are you ignoring me? This has a cheesy charm that some women go for. She’ll like the reference to her sex appeal and by asking her the question, she’ll know you want her immediate attention.

2. I’m shopping for sex toys, thinking of you. This message could lead to all sorts of playful talk. Maybe she’ll get online, and you can browse together virtually.

3. What are you wearing? This is the oldest line that we used on the telephone before there were cells, but hey, it still works. It’s not offensive and it places the ball in her court. You’ll know right away how flirty or horny she is by her response.

4. You left a pair of panties at my place. Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t, but this line is sure to get her attention. She’ll know you’re enjoying an intimate part of her that isn’t even there.

5. My back is aching, I wish you were here for a massage. This can invite all sorts of sexy talk; she may follow up with describing just how she plans to work out your kinks.

6. I’m lying in bed watching porn. This will work depending on your lover’s interest in watching the sexual escapades of others. Mention how you’re thinking of her and how much sexier she is than the women on screen.

7. I had a dirty dream about you last night. True or not, be able to back it up with erotic details because you know she’s going to ask.

8. I’ve been fantasizing about you in (insert your favorite outfit). Women love knowing what their lover finds them sexiest in – so we can wear it again. Flattery can get you everywhere.

Guys: What’s your favorite sext message to send a lover?

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