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Meeting Polyamorous Partners: Polyamory Dating Sites


Where oh where to meet polyamorous people? Read on for suggestions on where to seek your next open-minded partner or even a threesome.

If you aren’t familiar with polyamory, it’s the practice of non-monogamy in which all partners are in the know. It’s a much better option than cheating for those who wish to experience a variety of lovers, and can range from simply enjoying mulitiple sex partners to being part of a loving polyamorous triad relationship. For a fuller definition of polyamory, see my post over at the Polyamory Sex Blog entitled Polyamory Definition: What is Polyamory?

If you are polyamorous and are having difficulty meeting new poly people you aren’t alone. It can be tough finding someone you click with at all, let alone someone who’s down with sharing your love, and your body. Some might say it’s easier to find in the bdsm community but that’s not always true. Honesty is always the best policy, but when it comes to telling that sexy new crush about your polyamorous ways you sometimes start to wonder if there’s an easier way.

I have a few polyamorous friends and they have found great success by using online dating to meet new poly women and men. They can bypass that awkward conversation altogether and simply put it all out there on their profile and see if any fish bite! Yes, there are sites dedicated to polyamory hookups such as It’s a site with a huge database of members and is probably your best bet in this particular niche. I will warn you – it’s rather sexy inside with lots of full nudity and videos, so if you’re looking more for a relationship then it might not be as useful, but you never know. For threesomes? Well, it’s ON!

Check out Polyamory Dating Site

Another site I came upon just recently is which is a newer site. I joined it myself to see what was going on inside and although there are less couple profiles and members overall, it looks promising. Hopefully it will continue to grow, and we’ll have another polyamory site to find our open relationships and threesomes on.

Any polyamorous readers here at Kink Lovers? What’s been your experience with online dating or dating in general? What are the challenges?

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