woman with tattoo fetish

Tattoo and Piercing Fetish

Most of us have fetishes. Some are tame and well recognized while others are a bit, well, down right strange. Body modification

Redhead with Hairy Armpit

Hair Fetish Fever

Does hair turn you on? You’re not the only one. I call the hair fetish an everyday fetish because you can enjoy

Woman Biting Lip

Kinky Confessions: Weird Teeth

When I started writing for Kink Lovers I shared personal stories but have since moved onto writing informative and instructive posts about

Tattooed Lady Blowing Bubbles

Everyday Fetishes

We all have intense attractions to a particular object or body part – something that increases our arousal or is necessary for

Woman in Lingerie at the Office

The Fetish Kink Difference

Fetish and Kink. What’s the difference? If you’re new to the BDSM world, you may be wondering or using these terms interchangeably.