Crossdresser Dating Sites That Work

Want to meet lovers who enjoy the kink of crossdressing? Get started with these sites for real crossdresser hookups.

Men who enjoy crossdressing often wonder how to meet women who not only tolerate their crossdresser fetish, but also find it sexy and want to play along. If this describes you, and you’d like to find play partners who enjoy your interest in their panty drawer, read on for the best crossdesser sites and my tips for success.

Disclosure: At KinkLovers it’s important to us that we only recommend sites that are the real thing. I’ve been a full member of all the sites below and am still active at AdultFriendFinder and FetishHookups. Once we trust a site we sometimes use links that earn a small commission if a reader chooses to upgrade. It costs nothing extra, but helps to keep this kinky blog alive.

The Best Dating Sites for Crossdressers and their Admirers


TSmeet is the largest site in this category by far. Not everyone here is a crossdresser, but they have so many sex-positive and kink-friendly members worldwide that it makes finding crossdresser playmates easier than you think.

You’ll notice that TSmeet accepts men, women, couples, and TS/TV/TG. So if you identify as a crossdressing man and want to meet women, just join as such and put your crossdresser status in your profile. If you identify as trans then choose the TS/TV/TG option. (This stands for transexual, transvestite, transgender.)

Note that TSmeet is built on the same network as the crazy popular, which you may already know about. Regardless of whether you join TSmeet or AFF, you’re going to get an eye-full! Nudity and exhibitionism abound, and features include live member video chat, video introductions, member blogs, groups, and chat rooms. The only real difference between the two is that features the TS/TV/TG members more prominently, and also has less banner advertising which is nice.

Find Crossdresser Hookups at Now


There really are very few sites that are fully dedicated to the crossdresser fetish like this one. Date a Crossdresser has been around long enough to amass a viable community of crossdressing lovers, and what they lack in features is made up for by the fact that they are so niche-focused.

My only issue with is that because they are so very niche, you won’t find nearly as many members here as you will on But don’t let that deter you, especially if you live in a larger city in the US. I recommend signing up and taking a look at who’s local to you before deciding either way.


Our readers have also found great success at, which is the most fetish-friendly site you’ll find. This site for crossdressers and other fetishists is similar to as far as features go, but with an entirely different group of members and a much kinkier vibe.

Head to Fetish Hookups if you like your crossdresser hookups on the super kinky side, enjoy BDSM in any form, or prefer to join a site that is only populated with fetish lovers, doms, and submissives. This fetish site is an excellent choice for anyone interested in pushing  their own boundaries and exploring new kinks. Anything goes here!

How to be Successful on Crossdresser Dating Sites

Follow these tips for making the most of your membership on the above sites and you’ll be meeting your crossdresser match before you know it.

  1. Put your desires in the spotlight.
    Don’t wait until the first date to disclose your predilection for crossdressing. If you are on a site like or where there are millions of potential partners, then put it right up front in your profile title and description. Use the word ‘crossdresser’ and when like-minded members search they’ll find you right away. You’ll also weed out members who may not be interested anyway.
  2. Be complete to really compete.
    Do fill out your profile entirely, even if you’re just looking around for now. To get the full experience and attract the best dates, you’ve got to create a killer profile. Show your best self with a detailed description, let others know what you’re looking for, and always add some photos. If discretion is a worry, then try a site like our top choice which allows you to keep photos in a private album to share only with members you choose.
  3. Enjoy everything the site has to offer.
    Of course your goal is to connect with crossdressers and others who want to play along, but the fun can begin before the first date is even made. Create a blog post about your kink, or chat members up in crossdresser groups. Don’t see a group that fits? Create your own! Leave comments on member photos, upload a video, and enjoy yourself! All this flurry of activity is going to make you very visible to others on the site, and you may cross paths with just the right hookup this way. Have fun!

How we Choose the Best Sites for Crossdresser Hookups

I wish I could say that there were so many crossdresser dating sites that we had to examine and rate dozens of them before hitting on these ultimate choices. But the truth is that there are only so many options that not only embrace crossdressers, but also provide a real opportunity to connect and meet up.

What’s important to me when choosing the best crossdresser sites for our readers:

  • The dating site must be very open-minded.
    Crossdresser dating sites on our list must be accepting of not only all kinks, but all genders and orientations. Crossdressing can be a murky area when trying to define who exactly is a crossdresser and what titles they should use. Members should be free to make their own path and choose whatever designations they deem appropriate for them.
  • Go big or go home.
    I think it’s vital that a site has a large enough database to make membership worthwhile. There is no sense in joining a site that only has a few interested members in any particular city. Not every small town is going to find thousands of local crossdressing partners, but there must be a good size community and the chance to meet many new people in person.
  • Fair pricing for full membership.
    It would be great if I could recommend CD dating sites that were entirely free, but unfortunately that’s not possible. But here’s why pay-to-play isn’t such a bad idea. I look for sites with fair pricing plans, and consider that the cost of just one night out on the town seeking partners is usually more than the cost for an entire month on one of these sites. Also, a paywall adds to the privacy of members, because without it anyone would be able to sign up and view the nude photos and naughty videos available at Membership allows for a more discreet community which is important for many when exposing their sexual desires and kinks.

Have questions about any of these sites or crossdresser dating in general? Let me know in the comments and let’s discuss.

xo Lola

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