First Enema Experience

I never associated the word enema with anything sexual or pleasure of any kind. And if anyone told me I’d ever try one, I’d call crazy on their ass.

Well, I did it! And it was a one-of-a-kind experience that may be worth repeating. An enema to remember.

I met Carl online and we hooked up a couple of times. The sex was no-holds-barred double, sometimes triple orgasmic. I had nothing to complain about, and I didn’t have any warm fuzzies developing. It surprised me when he brought up enemas, not just the topic, but because we were out having a coffee after an afternoon sexfest. I should have known he had a little kink in him because I met him on

At first, I laughed at the idea. The only thing I’d associated with enemas up until this point was hippie cleanse freaks and outdated medical procedures. Was this really something that could turn people on? Carl somehow wooed me into giving it a try. After talking more about enemas, I was convinced he knew what he was doing – I would feel comfortable, and if I didn’t like it or wanted to stop that was okay with him.

When I got to his place he had everything set up. It wasn’t the sterile medical scene I had previously imagined, but a sexy soft-lit room with pillows and flowers. We barely spoke, as he had explained  everything before. I undressed and watched him fill the enema bag with warm water. He hung it to the headboard and allowed a small amount of water drip from the hose before clamping it. I massaged lubricant around my hole and laid sideways on the bed, excited for a new sensation.

He had placed the nozzle in hot water before twisting it into the tube. He playfully teased me by circling the warm tip around my rectum before gently inserting it. I’ve never had anything but fingers and cock inside me, but wow! it felt awesome. He asked if I was ready and I said I was more than. My heart was beating so hard, and I could see his hard on through his pants.

Two quarts of warm water began to fill me. It was something I can’t describe. I was speechless at the time, watching him sit in a chair and play with himself. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to take that much water in, but I was determined. I concentrated on the euphoric state I was in. Carl came just as the bag had drained. I felt full and high.

All was still for a few minutes until I knew it was time to expel. I made it to the washroom just in time. I couldn’t believe how much came out of me. How long had some of this been inside me, I wondered. I returned to the washroom a few times before laying for hours in Carl’s arms. He told me about all kinds of enemas he’d tried – garlic, coffee, champagne. I was interested.

Unfortunately, my enema guy has flown the coop since. I’m not sure I’d bring the idea up to just anyone, but who knows. You need to feel comfortable and safe to foray into this kink. I also wouldn’t advise this kind of play without thoroughly researching the practice and procedure of enemas.

What is your view on enemas? Are you in or out?

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