Open Yourself to the World of Kink

If you feel like your sex life is boring, but you aren’t sure what ‘s going wrong, then maybe kinks are the solution for you. Bored of only eating vanilla? Maybe you need a little rocky road in your bedroom.

You don’t choose your kink. Your kink chooses you. You will know what turns you on when you hear about it or see it. It isn’t an intellectual response, but a physical reaction in the body. You will feel yourself getting aroused even though that arousal might seem logically or morally wrong to you.

The fact that your arousal may seem morally or logically wrong to you may very well be a big reason why you’re getting turned on. Kink allows us to release those bizarre dragons we suppress, to let them burst forth and spit the erotic fire that has been too long kept bottled in out bellies, in out loins.

Let’s say you’re a prim and proper business man, a boss who has to maintain the aura of command and control at work. You walk up and down between the cubicles, in your pressed suit and crisp shirt, making sure that your underlings cringe at their desks when you pass.

Let’s say that you’re this kind of a man, that you’re an impenetrable fortress of efficient dignity. Well, a fellow can only maintain this ridiculous façade for so long! The very thing you need in order to restore that balance of your soul is time in bondage, with your power stripped away, and being punished at the whim of a ferocious dominatrix.

The dragons need to flap! You need to crawl on your knees and lick boots. You need to feel the snap of that whip across your ass. You need to say, “Yes, mistress!” and “No, mistress!” with sincerity. It is the outlet that allows you to maintain your other persona, while at work, and avoid breaking down from a brain clot at the tender age of fifty.

You see, friends, it is all about balance. A truly balanced human being should not be afraid to be different things in different circumstances, and to different people. Who we are when we’re at work is one thing, but the different masks we wear in our private time is what makes life fun, and worth living.

Own your kinks, and live without shame.

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