Gold Water Droplets

Golden Shower Memories

Here’s a confession: I have zero desire to be urinated on. I don’t fantasize about it. The thought of you pissing a

Sexy Woman in Leather Jacket

Kinky New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a running joke because it’s true—everyone forget’s about their New Year’s resolutions by the end of January. Yet still we want

Couple Engaged in Role Play

Stories of Kinky Adventures

When the days are shorter and the temperatures are below zero, banish the blues  and cut the cold with hot memories about

Sexy Yoga Woman

Kinky Yoga and Tantric Sex

Put some more “down boy!” in your downward facing dog! Get your ass whipped while getting whipped into shape! If you found your

Submissive Woman with Collar

When Kink and Vanilla Lovers Collide

Dear Jamie. I’m a very creative person with a voracious sexual appetite. So, I’m kinky! I have zero interest in mechanical sex—everything has