Goth Dating – Goth Communities & What They’re About

Goth subculture is often misunderstood by outsiders as something nefarious when in fact it’s a joyful contemporary subculture that began in England during the 1980s as part of the Gothic rock scene that splintered off as a post-punk musical genre. Goth imagery and style is heavily influenced by 19th century Gothic literature, iconic horror films the power-exchange principles of the BDSM sub-culture and dirty thoughts of sexual conquest.

Someone seeking the company of a Goth with pale skin, dark hair, and a severe sense of style would be well advised to become fully aware of the social and cultural history of the Goth movement, including a strong musical vibe drawn from Gothic rock, Deathrock, Post-Punk, Darkwave, Ethereal, Industrial and Neoclassical formats. It’s not the sort of thing you can become well-versed in by browsing Wikipedia, so many newbies look to join strong online communities like Goth Date Link and Goth Scene when starting out.

“Some of our newer members are more nervous than they ought to be, because they mistake the serious tone of Goth culture with a misplaced feeling of superiority” said Cassandra Black, Community Liaison of Gothic Date Link. “Goth men and women are actually very friendly and inviting, once you understand that the proper ways of starting conversations and building dating possibilities carry undertones you might not see in other dating adult groups.”

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“We see the same sort of thing” said Darren Kilgore, Communications Director of Goth Scene. “The Goth dating environment features thousands of gorgeous and mysterious singles who are very interested in all kinds of kinky perversions, casual hookups and lifestyle BDSM relationships – but you can’t just walk in and start asking people to have sex with you. To get great results, join a site like ours for free, get to know the community, and soon you’ll be seeing why so many Goth lovers have become loyal members online.”

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There is no better resource for understanding and accessing the Goth way of life than joining a thriving online community for free and speaking with lifestyle Goth practitioners who find the charm and innocence of a new member to be intriguing. See for yourself and be sure to let us know how your experience goes. We love to hear from our readers and Kink Lovers!

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