Kinks the Right Woman Will Be Down With

It often takes the right man at the right time to tease out a woman’s kinks, fantasies, and fetishes. And it may not be the same man for different kinks.

For instance, the man I first let tie me up was not the same guy who I first let in the back door. The one common trait that men have possessed, who I’ve been kinky with, is sexual confidence. I found that even if there were times when I wasn’t sexually uninhibited, their confidence and inhibition rubbed off on me. They didn’t push or expect—it all seemed to unfold naturally.

If this sounds like you in the bedroom, you might just find yourself engaging in many delightful kinks that you wouldn’t expect from a woman inexperienced in BDSM. Here are some sexual activities I tried with those men.

Bondage. Most women will need to build trust with this one, but you can also start with faux restraints (loose ties or scarves that she can easily be free of) until she is more comfortable being under lock and key. Or maybe you want to be tied up, this might be a good intro to bondage before you engage in role reversal.

Anal Sex. Although I meet fewer and fewer men who are interested in anal, I do know many of you would love nothing more than to straddle a lady from behind. You might try smaller objects like butt plugs or even a finger first if she’s hesitant, and don’t forget the lube.

Period Sex. This doesn’t even have to be a kink, but it makes a woman feel good when a man doesn’t care about a little bleeding ( though most of us do have one or two days that are off limit because of heavy blood flow.) And if you didn’t know, many women’s sex drives hit a peak just prior to their monthly menstruation.

Role Playing. This can start as a spontaneous romp, perhaps by calling her Mrs. so and so, pretending she’s your boss or teacher, or vice versa. Maybe you want to play doctor, and explore every inch of your sexy patient. Unleash your inner thespians to include dress-up clothes, props, and accessories.

Double Penetration. This often seems like pure fantasy, something you only see in porn, for most guys. After trying it once, I realized there was little that felt so exhilarating. A small dildo and your cock can work in tandem to make her feel good and full—what goes where is up to her. Perhaps it all begins with the gift of a dildo for her, that later comes into play together.

What kinks have you tried, are you still waiting to try with the right woman?

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