How To Find and Seduce Submissive Women

Wondering where to meet submissive women? And how you’ll impress her once you meet?

Learn how to be a magnetic Dom, allowing you to approach and attract a submissive women. And discover our favorite place to find submissive women online.

How to Seduce a Submissive Woman

Ironically enough, many of the same women who enjoy playing a submissive role in BDSM have personalities that make them intimidating to approach and often hard to win over.

A lot of men make the mistake of assuming that a sexually submissive woman will be as pliant and responsive to commands in day-to-day life as they are in the bedroom (or on the rack). A misunderstanding that can put a quick and unpleasant stop to your wooing.

At its root, a submissive relationship is one that depends on trust. The sub has to trust that her Dom will respect her limits while still pushing them. The key to seducing a submissive woman flows from the ability to begin establishing that trust upon your first contact with her.

While it’s very much possible for people to put their trust into total strangers, you can’t count on that happening right away. When you’re new to drawing in a new sub, it’s important not to push things too far, too fast.

Let’s say you’ve been introduced to a woman by a friend, and one of the things you know about her is that she enjoys bondage. Don’t just transition straight from “Pleased to meet you” to “Your dungeon or mine?” – start with a bit of friendly small talk like you would with anyone else.

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Show confidence, but don’t be cocky, carry yourself like you’ve done this sort of thing a thousand times, and you have no fear of failure.

When the time comes and things take a sexual turn, of course you have to take charge and call all the shots; that’s what being a Dom is all about. Until that time comes though, play it cool.

Be assertive and confident, but not bossy. Show that you’re a take charge kind of guy, but give her some room. Later, when she’s ready, it will make it that much easier for her to turn control over to you, completely and with utter devotion.

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Where to Find a Submissive Woman

Depending on where you live and how developed and open your local kink community is, it can be a real challenge for a Dom to find a submissive woman to partner with.

This sort of dilemma is what Dom/submissive dating sites were made for.

Some sites popular with submissive women, like, are essentially social networks entirely populated by people who practice – or would like to practice – BDSM. And female subs make up a huge percentage of the membership.

Join BDSM Date

Of course, BDSM Date isn’t the only dating site where you’ll find kinky submissive women. To see all our recommendations for submissive dating sites, read:

Best BDSM Dating Sites

Submissive Women Dating

While members at BDSM Date can communicate and play online together no matter where each of them lives, if you’re looking to actually hook up with a female submissive, be sure to sort profiles geographically. Narrow in on all the women in your area that frequent the site.

With such a large active membership, the range of personalities and looks among the subs is incredible. From experienced older women to college coeds who are looking for their first taste of BDSM.

You can search all these profiles of submissive women by a variety of criterion, including age and fetishes, allowing you to quickly narrow your matches even further. Search specifically for submissive women who share your preferences and pleasures.

Just as in real world BDSM clubs and communities, the members of BDSM Date provide each other with a safe and supportive environment to explore the limits of their sexuality.

There are other ways to find female submissives online, true. But why wade through profiles on mainstream dating sites in the hopes of maybe finding a woman who is open about being a submissive? There are sites where sharing that sort of information is the whole point!

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How to you meet submissive women?

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