Restraints: What Submissive Personality are You?

Man in Handcuffs with Woman

Submissives do have plenty in common. They like to feel sexually vulnerable and giving up power is arousing. Most subs have a preferred type of restraint (not that it’s always their choice). What your favorite restraint says about your personality:

Scarf – you like to fantasize more than act things out. Daydreaming is a favorite pastime. You hate to be tied down (haha) by people or situations and have always got an escape route planned in possibly uncomfortable situations. You are a free bird.

Ropes – You live inside your head. You know what you want, but are not always able to express it to others. You have been called a doormat by those close to you, but you see it more like letting others have their way with you which gives you extreme pleasure.

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Belts – You are a risk taker. You would rather others take the lead and are more than happy to follow and obey orders. The current of life carries you along on its adventure and you don’t mind.

Cuffs – Being vulnerable to others is huge turn on. You surround yourself with powerful, dominant people in both work and play. You are a people pleaser and will do anything to keep those around you happy.

Tape – Decision making is not your strong suit. You are comfortable with letting other take the reins in important life changes. You are very trusting and you’re naivete is something others find attractive. Listening skills – you have them in spades!

Swings – You are young at heart. Sometimes you feel like you’ve never fully grown up. You are eager to behave as you are told and don’t mind being punished when you don’t.

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Kink Lovers: What is the most unusual restraint you have used?

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6 years ago

I am new to this whole thing. Over the last couple of years I have been getting into watching strapon porn. Lately, I feel like I am almost throbbing when thinking about it. I don’t know where to start.

Lola Page
6 years ago
Reply to  Dan

Dan, have you seen my post on Strapon dating sites? There are actually sites where you can meet women who would love to explore this with you:

Lola Page
7 years ago

Hi Fifi,

Check out the addtional sites we recommend here:

BDSM Dating Sites

You also might want to check out a social network such as Fetlife, or try meeting submissives on facebook on one of the many bdsm group pages. You can join ours here: It’s still growing but we’re getting bigger everyday.

Love to hear your feedback if you try any other sites.

7 years ago

i am a mistress whom luvs submissive women & would like to find other free on line dating sites for bdsm luvers as myself. ive already have an acct. with BDSMdate &am looking for other sites as well, please help.

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