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How to Please a Dominant Woman

Submissive Man

A submissive man wants to please. This can be in an everyday committed relationship or a once-a-week meeting with a dungeon dominatrix. Maybe you’re a sub pro, but I’m sure you won’t mind being told or reminded how to please a dominant woman.

Pick up on the little things. What are her idiosyncrasies? What does she like to be called? How does she like the bed made? What does she like you to wear? She will appreciate the personal touch.

Make her feel important. If you don’t, you won’t last long. Let her know she’s on your mind even when you’re not together. Respect her schedule and re-arrange yours to what is convenient for her.

Express limits. Be happy to please and accommodate, but let her know your boundaries. You might be submissive, but you are human. Self-awareness is sexy.

Express the whole of yourself. Playing the sub-dom roles shouldn’t occupy all your time. A woman will still want to engage in outside activities with you and connect on other levels. She wants to see you more than a generic submissive man.

See beyond her dominance. Whether she’s a full or part-time partner, regard her as a woman who has many other interests and obligations outside of her dominant personality. Recognize that you’re only part of her life.

Be selfless in your submission. Do things for her because it pleases you, brings you joy. Don’t do things with expectations in return or as something you can hold against her.

Be proud to be submissive. A dominant woman doesn’t want a sub that is ashamed of his preference or their relationship (of course, somethings need discretion). If you judge yourself and your desires, she will think you’re doing this to her.

Submissives: How far will you go to please a dominant woman?

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