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Tips for Meeting Dominant Women Online

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Is it extremely difficult for a submissive man to find a dominant woman? Statistics float around stating such outlandish ratios of 100 submissive guys to every dominant woman. I’m sure that’s an exaggeration. There’s plenty of dominant women to go around and many who want multiple subs in their lives. You just need to know how and where to find them and then how to keep them. The best way to make a bdsm date with a dominant woman is to court her online. Here’s some tips on how to make yourself stand out to a potential dom.

1. Create a Great Profile
Make sure you have photo evidence of you in your most submissive states. The more variety the better. Have enough pictures to satisfy the tastes of different types of doms. Make sure your pics are are good – not underexposed or super grainy. Quality reflects quality!  And it goes without saying, a fully filled-out detailed profile will tempt her to  test your limits.

2. Have Your Own Den
A lot of dom women are attracted to men who have their own studios or dungeons for d/s play. This expresses your commitment to the bdsm culture. Just think. Would a potential dom prefer to visit a guy’s plain old boring condo, or your place outfitted for maximum pleasure? Most likely she’ll have her own play space, but you having your own shows a great deal of independence. Include some den pics in your profile – very enticing!

3. Join Forums
Every subsect of sexual culture has an online forum. Join up and get in on the discussion. This is a great way to broaden your circle of bdsm bedfellows. When you do, avoid aggressive behaviour, negativity and trolling. Remember, you’re the submissive, and no one likes a curmudgeon. Eventually you’ll find area doms and make arrangements to meet.

4. Submit
Be respectful and polite in your messages. Express how far you’re willing to go and describe the types of bdsm play you’re into. As stated (re: your profile) this is the best way to find the right dom that will compliment your submissive personality.

Have any tips or suggestions, fellas?

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