How to Find a Daddy Dom

Are you looking for a Daddy Dom? Are you a female submissive who hopes to meet the Daddy Dominant of her dreams? Are you a Little Girl looking for her Daddy, a Daddy Dom she can trust to guide her and care for her every need?

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Maybe you don’t know about the whole DDLG thing. Daddy Dom Little Girl is a unique power exchange relationship in the BDSM or kinky context.

A Little Girl is a submissive who enjoys age regression play, role play as a Little, or identifies as a Little Girl. Her Daddy Dom is a dominant figure who takes on a loving, daddy role. He guides her, cares for her, snuggles her, makes decisions for her, and disciplines her. DDLG is a BDSM facet of Little space or Little play.

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Meeting a Daddy Dom can be challenging for a Little Girl submissive. But kinky people with niche dating interests find lovers and partners all the time. Here are some tips, techniques, and tactics that can help you find your dream Daddy Dom.

7 Tips to Find Your Daddy Dom

1. Meet Your Daddy Dom Online

Dating online can help facilitate matched hookups and love connections for everyone. You can find a niche site that caters to kinky lovers in general, to BDSM, or specifically to Littles or to Daddy Doms and Little Girl matches.

Dating sites are the obvious online resource for hookups and relationships. But you may also find a Daddy Dom through kinky resource sites in general. There are Facebook groups for various BDSM interests. Just as in real life, virtual life can connect like-minded people in many different ways.

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2. Find Daddy Doms through Local Kink Communities

Being active and social in your local kink or BDSM community has the advantage of putting you in touch with people who share your interests or who don’t pass judgement on yours, who are in your neighborhood or city.

There are BDSM dating events, sex clubs, and nightclub fetish parties. There are also book clubs, BDSM munches, kinky mingles, and workshops. Make it a priority to get involved and get to know other kinky people. You’re more likely to meet a kinky Daddy Dom at a BDSM brunch than you are somewhere else.

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3. Sign Up for DDLG Workshops

You can find BDSM workshops on everything from tantra to choosing a safeword, both online and in your community. Try events related to Littles or to BDSM, or to other kink topics that might interest you or attract the kind of Daddy Dom you are looking for!

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4. Attend a Kinky Party

Fetish nights or kink-themed parties are a fun way to connect with other kinky people. You may be lucky enough to find one specifically for Daddy Doms and Little Girls or Mommy Doms and Little Boys.

There are many more fetish events that cater to a wide kinky community, especially BDSM. You may get lucky enough to meet a Dom who is or could be your Daddy Dom.

5. Go to a DDLG Convention

Dig around online to find a Littles convention and fly out for fun. If you don’t know many other Little Girls or people into age regression play, it can be amazing to connect and learn regardless of whether or not you meet your Daddy Dom.

You may also find conventions for BDSM that have a subset of Littles and Daddy Doms, for example.

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    6. Find Your Daddy Dom in Past or Current Relationships

    Are you in a relationship already with someone you love and trust? Do you have a special friendship that could turn to love if only your friend was kinky in the way you need?

    While it isn’t the most common way to find a Daddy Dom, it has been known to happen. Think about who is in your life already, and reimagine the relationship as a DDLG relationship. Can you teach your lover what you need? Does your friend have a dominant streak you’re not aware of?

      It’s true that sometimes the thing we’re looking for is already within reach. You may have a few friends or lovers already who have no idea you’re looking for a Daddy Dom. You may have one who has no idea what that is, but who could learn to take charge in the ways you need.

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      7. Daddy Doms Are All Around

      Transforming a current relationship into DDLG may not be realistic. But every day you meet different people and see even more on the bus, at the supermarket, etc. They walk by and you don’t think about their kinks. Some of the people you see are into BDSM, into Little Space kinks, or into being a Daddy Dom.

      You can’t just go up to random strangers in line at the bank and say, “Hey, are you my Daddy Dom.” But you can learn to look for signs and signals that someone is kinky, and you can put out signs yourself.

        For example, last week I saw a guy at the library signing out a book on ethical polyamory. I’ve seen him there before a few times in passing. I also noticed a girl at work who has Daddy’s Girl tattooed on her neck.

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        You might dress like a Little Girl in everyday life, or wear a pin that signifies kink. Or you could just mention a kinky community event from time to time so that other kinky people around you can note for future reference you are on their team.

        It’s not always possible to wave your particular flag. But if you see a sign in someone else, don’t be afraid to politely start up a conversation. One way to start would be to say, “Does your tattoo mean you’re in the same kind of club that I am?” The guy may say, “Oh, wait, are you into Buddhist bowling night?” But he may say yes I am!”

        Are you a Little Girl looking for a Daddy Dom? Where are you looking?

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