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Kinky Confessions: Domination Fixation

Man Undressing Sexy Woman

I want to be sexually dominated. I truly desire a female to tell me to do things such as lick both her holes before and after intercourse. I want her to shove her hands into my ass as she is sucking my dick. I also want to be face-sat by her and forced to lick and suck her out, front and back. I also want her to have a few men over to… (this was too explicit to publish, so use your imagination here, dear readers!) I want her to make me watch him pumping his cum deep into her, then I want her to have him shove my face into her ass so she can push out everything she has until she is done. This one of my kinky confessions. -J

Thanks for sharing one of your kinky confessions, J. You’re not alone in fantasizing about being sexually dominated by a woman or being a voyeur to your woman with another man. Finding a dominant lover isn’t always easy, that’s why so many bdsm dating sites exist to help kinky folk like yourself find the partner who will satisfy your particular kinks.

If dominant women are your thing, then it’s time to start a list of your particular wants, needs, and desires. Here are a few basic traits that every domme should possess in order to satisfy her submissive male.

What to Look for in a Dominant Lover

Every relationship, kink or otherwise must be based in a foundation of trust, but especially in bdsm where being able to trust someone completely is necessary in order to surrender oneself. Don’t expect this to happen overnight; trust takes time to build.

A domme should be open and honest about her experience, her preferences, and her desires. If there is no honesty, there can’t be trust.

This kinda goes without saying, I mean, who wants a wishy-washy domme who’s unsure of what she’s doing? Most sexually experienced women tend to be dominant in the bedroom because they know what they’re doing and know what they like. Cheers to that!

Sexual experience, yes, but you also want a woman who has experience as a domme/dominatrix, in charge/command of submissive partners. This is best if you’re a newbie sub who wants to know you’re in capable hands.

Some dom/sub partners are so in tune with one another there is little need for verbal communication, but when you’re just starting out, you’ll want a woman who can express herself well in terms of her role, desires, and also with educating you about bdsm.

What do you want in a sexually dominant woman?

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